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Would You Like To Know How To Seduce Women In 7 Seconds Without The Fear of Rejection?

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“Revealed… The Secrets To Creating POWERFUL Attraction In Any Woman You Meet In Just 7 Seconds!

You’re About To Discover How Easy It Is To Make Women Desire You By Taking Advantage Of A Proven Set Of Psychological Triggers Within The Female Mind…

…And These Triggers Work Even If You’re Fat, Bald, Short, Or Broke!

David WygantHi it’s David, and in a few minutes I’m going to reveal to you the SECRET SEX SIGNALS on a woman’s face…

These secret sex signals reveal whether she’s about to reject you — or have sex with you, and how you can attract her…


I call this “7 Second Seduction”… and this knowledge creates such intense attraction… using it literally got me BANNED in a major supermarket just blocks from where I live.

I’ll tell you the whole weird story in just a minute… but for now, just know that whether your goal is to casually hook up…

Or turn the next beautiful woman you meet into your girlfriend (Whether she’s super sweet or a total bitch…)

This works even if you’re currently bald, broke, or haven’t been laid in years…

Hell, I don’t care if your confidence is lower than it’s ever been…

Trust me when I say that… NONE OF THAT MATTERS!

Because when you master the first 7 seconds like I’ll explain on this page…

…you’ll quickly see that all women make the initial “sex” or “boyfriend” decision in that insanely brief window.

In fact, in just a moment, you’re going to see ACTUAL PROOF of why 7quick seconds is all it takes to get a girl…

  • Excited about handing over her number…
  • Eager to meet up and date you…
  • Immediately ready to get physical…

And, if you follow up with what I’m about to show you… there’s a strong chance she’ll even become downright obsessed with the idea of becoming your loyal girlfriend.

The whole process works by tapping into a weird “female superpower” that all attractive women have …which has recently been studied and proven by a team of elite psychology researchers…

This “superpower” means every attractive woman you meet has what researchers call “heightened ability” to READ YOU…. and if you don’t know what I’m about to reveal… immediately reject you!

“Anyone Can Do This…”

First, I have a confession to make…

Even though I’ve been on a bunch of TV shows, featured in magazines and am considered by many to be the top dating coach in the country — I’m really just a big dumb guy at heart.

Trust me, I’m NOT brilliant, I possess no hidden genius… If anything, I’ve been lucky.

You see, for years, I’ve been accidentally using and teaching parts of this 7 second secret to a small number of men I knew, with absolutely no clue about why or how it worked so well. (Hence, the “dumb” part.)

So one night, I decided to start asking the woman I was seeing when she knew she wanted to be with me.

“Instantly,” she said.

“You mean you liked how I looked?” I asked her.

She said, “Well, that’s nice… but not that’s not really it either.” So I pressed her,“What was it? Confidence?”

She said, “no, not exactly” — it was harder to explain, she said, but “she just knew.”

Fascinated by this, I started asking every woman I slept with this same question, without fail.

In each case, she’d say she felt attraction “instantly” or in the first few seconds…
and the more I pushed, I never heard any woman give me an answer longer than 7 seconds!

This was starting to drive me crazy!

Why the hell were woman responding to me (and many of the guys I coached) in the first 7 seconds …yet not a single one of them could explain how or why they felt that way?

Then, one day, I got lucky…

“This Girl Changed Everything For YOU And Me!”

I approached a girl in a coffee shop with the cutest face… thick, dirty blonde hair, black rimmed glasses (with greenish, hazel eyes)… and a ridiculous …and I do mean RIDICULOUS… body.

There was a chatted, exchanged numbers and within a few days, we had a weekend of the most amazing sex.

I thought about the question I’d been asking other women, which I was beginning to think maybe there wasn’t an answer to, but thought, “what the hell” and just gave it a shot.

Now, remember, this girl didn’t just LOOK nerdy…. she actually WAS a legitimate nerd… with a Ph.D. from a major university.

This Girl Changed Everything For YOU And Me I still didn’t think I’d get much of answer… until she shocked me with something I’ll never forget.

Are you ready?

Because what I’m about to teach you has the almost magical ability to get women’s’s attention and make them interested… even downright wet… In the first seven seconds alone.

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen… and is beyond anything you’ve ever tried or heard about in the dating, pickup or “seduction” communities.

So listen up…

The first thing she told me was, that she had actually studied female mating rituals and the evolutionary psychology (the hell if I know what that means) including the biological reasons why attraction happens so fast.

(This also explains how most guys get rejected almost immediately… and I’ll tell you why in just a moment.)

“The REAL Reason Attraction Happens So Fast…”

And one of the first things she did was point me to a strange study about women who read romantic novels…

You know, all those cheesy romance books that women go crazy over?

(Remember, the Twilight Saga is really just a series of romance novels for girls.)

In this study, first published in the journal called, Psychology of Aesthetics,Creativity and the Arts and republished by the American Psychology Association…

Researchers discovered that “romance readers” have heightened ability to pick up subtle facial clues that reveal a person’s emotional state.

What does that mean?

Think about it like this…

You approach or just casually start a conversation with an attractive woman.

Let’s just say it’s in line at the grocery store…

Now, she’s probably the “romantic type” cited in this study… as most hot woman are…

Are you with me?

Good — because here’s the double-edge sword that I can almost guarantee has been KILLING your chances with women in those first 7 seconds…

I’ll give you the bad news first…

Because she’s reading you… and FAST… she’s also feeling any issues you have right now…

…Including any insecurity… fear… doubt… or uncertainty.

As you might guess, those are ALL immediate turnoffs to her… as it means you’re NOT “romantic hero” material… and therefore not a sexual candidate in her eyes.

Again, this is a near-instant “feeling” she gets that’s almost impossible to change.

So that’s the bad news.

“Here’s The Good News…”

The good news is that beautiful “romantic” women are actually the easiest to seduce, and make the most amazingly sexy, loyal, love-to-please-you-any-waythey-can types of girlfriends.


If you understand how to get her to feel the right things the first time she sees or more importantly… the first time she FEELS you… then you’re “in like Flynn”…

She’ll want you so badly, you almost have to TRY and screw it up at that point.

Now… getting back to my blond Ph.D. hottie that broke down the research for me

…well, let’s just say I had one of the hugest “aha” moments of my entire life.

All this time, I’d been successfully coaching both men largely on instinct, without realizing the exact mechanisms at work…

Now I had the answer…

With the right emotions, body language and facial cues… a man, ANY man, could create near-instant attraction… no matter what he looked like or even what he said.

Oh, and I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this… there’s hidden benefit to this 7 second secret…

As you learn it, just like women, you become AMAZING at reading women and their sex signals…

“The 3 Secret Sex Signals And How To Spot Them”

Look where the arrows are pointing in this image…

The 3 Secret Sex Signals And How To Spot Them Well, those are just 3 of the sex signals that you can quickly read on a woman’s face as she starts to get turned on in your presence…

Her eyebrows are often lifted slightly, because she’s alert and cares…

Her pupils are dilated, which “advertises” her attraction, as psychologists say…

And her lips get pouty, almost her unconscious way of showing them off and getting ready for you…

There’s more signals, many more, and you’ll learn them all naturally as you engage in the 7 second seduction process…

But before I show you how 7-Second Seduction really works…

I want to show you why you’ve probably NEVER had success in approaching or talking to “new” women in the past… including why most “gurus” and “experts”out there will only ever get you rejected.

It’s actually not your fault… because you and countless other guys have been sold 3 deadly lies about women and attraction.

They are:

LIE #1 – Women decide in first 5 minutes if they want to sleep with a guy

You’ve heard it before, we all have.

But it’s completely, utterly FALSE.

The TRUTH is, women know in 7 seconds or less… often instantly.

In the time that it takes her to look at your eyes and face and “feel” you — 99% of women have already made up their decision.

And there’s almost NOTHING you can do to change her mind at that point.

This means, what you say means a LOT less than what you do BEFORE you even make eye contact with her. Which leads us to the next one…

LIE #2 – The “Magic Line Myth”

If you read the classic “dating books” or jump onto a forum about learning the art of picking up women… you’ll find guys exchanging the best lines and routines as though they deliver some sort of magical power.

You’ll also find that many, if not all, of these guys are getting little or no action at all.

I’m not ragging on them… there was a time I had to learn all this the hard way, and I’ve had many students who’ve tried virtually every pickup line and “method” in the book…

But rather than results, all these guys got was more and more rejection, putting them into a vicious cycle that was almost impossible to step out of …because it led to more fear, anxiety and negative feelings each time they’d approach a woman… causing her to disqualify him in a matter of seconds.

The real TRUTH of all this? What you say is at most 10-20% of your results… the rest is how you “feel” to her the second you make eye contact.

Only after you pass that first hurdle does anything else you do or say matter. And that brings us to…

LIE #3 – You have to do tons and tons of “clever cold approaches” to become “great” with women

That’s a destructive pickup myth, created by guys who devoted their entire lives to studying and understanding weird, unnatural processes that women don’t even like or respond to anyway.

The TRUTH is you don’t have to approach gazillions of women in weird or scary Situations… because it’s not about that. It can help you overcome approach anxiety but nothing else.

I’ll show you how just a few minutes spent talking to the right women …in almost rejection-proof situations … can “shift” your inner state and make you the kind of man women “feel” amazing around…

In other words, the kind of guy who can start creating attraction in 7 seconds or less.

When you do the right things … and this is the important, BEFORE you even approach her or open your mouth…

And when you chat and interact with women you effectively trigger the exact same feelings she has when she reads the juiciest,sexiest parts of a romance novel.

In fact, it’s even better if you have glaring flaws like being short, or not great looking, or broke…

Because the HOTTEST romance stories are when she shouldn’t fall for the guy… but she just can’t help herself.

For example, the original James Bond character from the books was rough around the edges and NOT good looking at all…

But he was sexy… perhaps even sexier because of his average or below average looks …as the writers instinctively knew what women respond this way.

I call this the “unlikely hero”… and it’s the secret to turning anything you think is “wrong” with you, into a launchpad for attraction, power and sexual opportunities, beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Are you starting to see where you’ve gone wrong with women in the past?

It’s not your fault… I’m sure nobody ever told you about the first 7 seconds and how to be prepared… certainly no woman!

Most woman don’t understand it. They just FEEL it.

But I got lucky to run into one of the few women who can point me in the right direction.

And with her help, and a ton of trial and error… I was able slowly but surely piece together all the elements of what makes a guy pass that first 7 second test…

Little by little, I put everything I learned into one step-by-step system that YOU can use to quickly transform yourself into the kind of man who creates instant attraction…

…passes that initial barrier… …And then creates the kind of intense, hot, physical and romantic relationships with the types of women most guys just stand back and drool over.

Again, this works whether your goal is one night of passion… or the girlfriend of your dreams.

Without this… like most guys, you’ll never get past the first 7 seconds, and you’ll always fail to attract the woman you really want.

You’ll be forced to settle.

Is that what you want?

Now, if you’re serious about learning how to attract a woman in 7 seconds or less,I’ve created a way for you to learn it in a single day… it’s called… are you ready for the big reveal?

“Introducing… The 7 Second Seduction System”

(Hey, I told you I wasn’t some super genius.)

I’m just a regular guy who stumbled upon what works and who loves seeing real guys eliminate their biggest pain point… attracting beautiful women.

The 7 Second Seduction System is a complete, video and audio-based coaching program that takes you through everything you need to create that magical, “WOW!” feeling inside her, the moment your eyes meet hers.

“Before I went through the program, I struggled for years with women and I didn’t know how to connect with them. I ended up hating women and life.

Seven second seduction really opened my eyes and helped me in many ways. I’m so happy I was able to get the right answers from your program that helped me become more positive about women. I’ve learned lessons that I will keep with me for life!

I’m not fully where I want to be with being the best version of myself but I’m definitely getting there.

Thanks again and I’ll definitely give you a shout if I need any help in the future.”

Mantej, British Columbia

Here’s what you’ll find inside this amazing new system…

Volume #1:

Getting Into The Game

In the first volume of this amazing new system, I’ll show you…

Getting Into The Game
  • How at least 5 negative “limiting beliefs” are currently crippling your confidence; and why getting results, as most teachers tell you, will NOT change those beliefs for you…
  • What you “feel” when you walk up to her is something she feels Immediately… and how a simple technique allows you to change how you feel(even if you’re terrified) — as simple as flipping on a light switch.
  • The 6 worst body language blunders nearly 99% of all guys make that convey you’re the exact opposite of the “unlikely hero” she secretly fantasizes about… and how to fix them all before your next interaction with a woman.
  • How important is eye contact? Let’s just say, if your eyes look in this specific direction for even a split second when you first meet her… you’re out. I’ll show you why and what to do about it…
  • Why “confidence” as you and nearly all other guys think about it… doesn’t really exist. (This is why women say they want “confident”man, even though they don’t really think “confidence” is the answer, nor can they teach it to you…)
  • And I’ll break down a little-known way to hack into your own brain and bypass even the deepest “confidence problems” in a matter of seconds even if you’re the most insecure guy in the world right now.

There’s honestly a TON here… and you’ll actually SEE my students and me, IN ACTION, in one of the trendiest parts of LA.

Yes, through a series of “undercover approaches” filmed… by a hidden camera on the streets, and in a variety of venues… you’ll see all this work on real women… legitimately hot women… in real life.

This isn’t like some silly pickup teacher bragging about his “conquests”… only to later find that he barely gets women, and when he does, they’re average at best.

That’s not who you want to learn from, is it?

That’s why you’re REALLY gonna love the next volume in the 7 Second Seduction System…

Volume #2:

How To Meet Women At The Grocery Store

How To Meet Women At The Grocery Store

This volume is made up of a video and two powerful audios… and creating it actually got me BANNED from a location once it started to work “too well” and women were literally clogging up the aisle and people couldn’t get through…

Seriously, this venue might be:

The #1 Place On Earth for Meeting Beautiful, Intelligent Women!

In these exclusive audios and videos, I take you into the single best place I’ve ever discovered for meeting beautiful women — a place where there’s nearly always stunning, intelligent, friendly women in their 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s.

Best of all, the women are easily approachable in this venue… very warm and
open to talking to you.

And that means there are ENDLESS ways to start fun, flirty conversations… perfect for practicing your 7 second seduction skills… that will leave her dying to hand over her number and see you again.

I can’t tell you what this location is (I don’t want to ruin it for all the guys I coach)… but I will say, chances are very high you have one close to you.

Maybe even more than one in your city…

And on this video, I show you…

  • Why women in this location are consistently hotter, smarter and friendlier…
  • How women are nearly always ALONE in this venue — yes! — no scary groups to approach or jealous friends who will cock block you…
  • The best (and worst) times to go in order to maximize your odds of meeting the most beautiful women…
  • The one thing NEVER to say to a woman here (these 5 common words lead to instant, humiliating rejection) — plus, the one opening line that successfully starts a conversation with any woman, any time…
  • How to use “hidden props” in this location to easily “wow” her in the first 7 seconds, and then ramp up that attraction until she’s practically throwing herself at you…
  • And way more than I can possibly list here.

There’s so much more I could say about this volume, it’s honestly worth the price of the entire program, which is why I’m reserving it exclusively for guys who are serious about mastering 7 Second Seduction.

You could seriously just go to this one place for the rest of your single life and not need to meet women anywhere else. I’ve dated and often slept with hundreds of8’s, 9’s and 10’s from this one place alone. It’s THAT good!

I’ve been meeting women here and bringing students for over a decade… and this place never ceases to amaze me.

Plus, you’ll actually get to see me — IN ACTION — raw, on video, meeting women, chatting them up, and proving this may be the best place ever for 7 Second Seduction.

Impressed? I’m just getting started…

Volume #3:

How To Meet Women At The Coffee Shop

How To Meet Women At The Coffee Shop

In volume 3, I take the camera into restaurants and teach you how to create instant attraction and chemistry with cute waitresses and hostesses.

I mean… let’s be real. What guy hasn’t met a hot waitress or hostess, but didn’t know what to say or how to flirt?

In this video, I show you all that and more. When combined with the core 7second seduction process you learn, this training gives you an almost unfair advantage over other guys she meets.

Best of all, it applies to ANY hot woman you meet in a restaurant …not just the ones who work there. Yes, that means the next time you see a woman who’s “girlfriend material” while eating… do what I show you and she’ll practically beg to give you her number.

Volume #4:

How To Meet Women On The Street

How To Meet Women At The Coffee Shop

Volume 4, which is also made up of both video and audio footage, covers “street approaches” where I show you how to casually strike up fun conversations and USE the mind-set and body language secrets she’s looking for to start falling for you, almost instantly…

There’s also a module where one of my teachers and I hit the streets of New York and demonstrate how to use the 7 second seduction process to effortlessly get numbers everywhere you go.

Most guys completely CHOKE UP when it’s time to get a girl’s number… but you’ll see and know when to ask, exactly what to say, and how to say it so that she’s excited to hand take your phone and type in her number.

Want more?

Volume #5:

How To Meet Women At A Restaurant And How To Seduce The Waitress

How To Meet Women At A Restaurant And How To Seduce The Waitress

In volume 5 you’all see me use 7 second seduction in the coffee shop,finishing the interaction by hooking up with the woman in her car right outside…

It happened, again, NOT because I’m smooth or special, but because she felt good from the moment she met me… and I knew enough to not screw it up.

The same will be true for you, but ONLY if you master this and start to get beyond the first 7 seconds that most guys are rejected in…

Just imagine how little competition you’ll have!

Seriously, if there’s anything I’ve learned in all my years as a dating coach, it’s that rejection happens almost instantly… and this painful rejection happens to99.99% of all guys out there who try speaking to beautiful women.

Yet, that does NOT have to happen to you… if you take action on what I’m teaching you today.

7 Second Seduction is a complete, step-by-step system that takes you from wherever you are now… to being able to attract a woman within 7 seconds of meeting her…

Even if you’re low on confidence, experience… don’t have the best looks or clothes or wealth… none of that matters.

In fact, any of your “flaws” can be turned in your favor and can become strengths …once she starts to have the romantic feelings about you…

That’s why I made sure this program had ZERO theory and 100% action and live demonstrations.

Because it’s crucial that you get to see me live on camera walking up to actual women… and then me coaching actual students through the process. Nobody has done this ever…

“I’ve Broken Everything Down Into 3 Core Pillars”

The system is broken down into three core pillars:

First… Projection

This is all about your “state” when you talk to a woman, and the kind of FEELING
she gets in your presence.

Once you learn my drop dead simple tricks for controlling your feelings, so SHE feels the right things from you… there’s no limit to how quickly or intensely she can feel attraction from you.

From there, you have the second key… Delivery

This is what you say, but more importantly, HOW you say it. Again, it comes back to what women feel from your voice tone and what gets transmitted to her.

You’ll see how I deliver my message to women, at first, and after the 7 seconds… that heightens and intensifies attraction… and once you see this, you’ll easily be able to copy me the very next time you go out.

Finally, you have… Body control

Remember, women are up to 10 times more acutely sensitive to body control, and they easily pick up on any nervousness, fear, awkwardness or other potential deal breakers that most men simply cannot hide from their body language.

But not you — not after you go through this system.

Because in it, I break down all the little ways you can easily shift and “fix” key mistakes in your body language — while also giving you the walk, posture and presence few women have ever experienced in a man.

All in all, the 7 Second Seduction System delivers more than programs that cost hundreds of dollars.

Heck, in some cases, it delivers more than bootcamps and programs that cost many thousands of dollars.

But you won’t pay thousands, or even hundreds.

“And I’m Giving You These Amazing Bonuses…”

And to sweeten the deal and give you EVERYTHING you need to truly hit the ground running with this system, I’ve prepared an exclusive collection of bonuses sure to accelerate your transformation.

But before I tell you what they are… let’s get something out of the way:

Have you ever seen products where they throw a gazillion of weird or unrelated bonuses into the offer… almost to cover up the fact that the main product sucks?

Well, I’ll never do that.

The bonuses I’ve created for you can quickly multiply the girl-getting power of the 7 Second Seduction system… because I believe every women secretly asks:

7 questions in 7 seconds.

She may not be conscious of these questions, often they happen in a flash. But make no mistake, they DO happen. And the answers to these questions help determine whether you’ll pass this first test that can make or break your chances with her.

The questions are:

  • Is he bold?
  • Does he like himself?
  • Is he present?
  • Is he interesting?
  • Can he engage with me?
  • Is he trustworthy?
  • Will he be good in bed?

If a girl quickly thinks “no” to any of these questions… boom… you’re immediately in the friend zone.

You’ve probably never considered these questions before… but trust me, how she answers them determines feelings for you… and therefore, whether she’ll hookup or move in a relationship direction with you.

That’s why I designed each of these bonuses to help you quickly answer “YES” to every single one of these initial questions that pop into her mind.

They are….

Bonus #1:

Overcoming Approach Anxiety

Overcoming Approach Anxiety

“Overcoming Approach Anxiety”… is a detailed breakdown of exactly how to overcome your fears and tap into the bold, masculine energy you need to start fun, flirty conversations with any woman, no matter how beautiful she is.

This is like having me go in and perform surgery on your brain, literally REMOVING the paralyzing fears that freeze you up whenever you see a hot girl you’re dying to talk to… but simply can’t muster up the courage to go over there.

Even more importantly, though, the bold adventurous feeling you get from this process is like crack to a beautiful woman — and will not only make her want you …but also make her addicted to you long-term.

Next up, you’ll get…

Bonus #2:

The Art Of Being Present

The Art Of Being Present

The Art of Being Present… which is secretly one of the biggest turn-ons, especially for high self-esteem women.

Let me explain. Sure, there are attractive women out there who are drawn to jerks, or abusive guys, or “bad boys”…but the more emotionally mature, honest,sexually confident, drama-free women (the ONLY kind of women you ever really want past one night) actually lust after a man who is simply “present.”

In this audio bonus, I’ll show you how to be present in a way that women feel,notice and get intensely turned on by…

Of course… to KEEP an amazing woman in your life… you’ll need some substance, no matter how good she feels at first. The fourth bonus you’ll get, called How to Be a Better Man… helps you do just that.

As I mentioned, I’m no genius and I was never a natural with women. I got good through a TON of trial and error, and by living and developing and interesting life that allowed me to talk about anything …and lead women through stimulating experiences that caused them to want… um… more “stimulation” from me.

If I can do this, so can you. You just need a simple plan for becoming a better man and leading a more interesting life — and you’ll have what it takes to keep her around as long as you want, not the other way around.

Bonus #3:

Become A Master Storyteller

Become A Master Storyteller

To answer the “can he engage with me?” question… I created a mini-programcalled, “Become a Master Storyteller… which shows you how to tell stories that captivate her and massage her mind in amazing new ways.

While other guys are doing the same old boring “interview” style questions, you’ll be leading her through amazing stories that have her fantasizing about becoming part of your world…

Bonus #4:

Calibrating Eye Contact

Calibrating Eye Contact

To answer the trust question I’ve created “Calibrating Eye Contact”…so that she immediately feels you’re the kind of man she can surrender to, whether it’s for a night, or much longer.

Most guys make weak eye contact with women their eyes darting away or down… and it’s no wonder she feels uncomfortable and rejects him.

Then, on the other extreme, you have guys who do their best Rasputin impression staring so intensely into a woman’s eyes it freaks her out and sends her running twice as fast.

The key is making strong, yet RELAXED eye contact that puts her at ease, and creates instant trust. I’ll give you 5 tips for doing this that I guarantee you’ven ever heard before anywhere.

Bonus #5:

Owning The Pussy

Owning The Pussy

She wants to know if you can turn her on and satisfy her in bed… which is why I call this bonus, “Owning the Pussy.”

Most guys make the mistake, however, of thinking this is about sexual techniques or experience… but it’s NOT. This is about the mind-set that you approach her with… the mind-set that you can not only make her come, but that her pussy is YOURS…

Most guys meekly “ask” women,,, in this case, you are subtly CLAIMING her… a key distinction, and one she feels.

(Failure to “own” the pussy before you even approach her is yet another hidden reason why you might be getting tossed into the friend zone.)

I’ll show you how to develop and master this mind-set, even if you’re inexperienced in the bedroom and scared of beautiful and her erogenous zones,including the one between her legs.

Bonus #6:

Become a Master Communicator

Become a Master Communicator

If you can’t communicate, you can be the best looking, and richest guy in the world and you won’t get a girlfriend.

In this bonus product, I show you how to use the power of observation to make easy conversation. You’ll learn how to keep conversation flowing naturally, and you’ll discover how to make her feel like she’s known you forever, just by the way you use your tone and body language.

It’s all about learning how to master your verbal and non-verbal communication. This will show you how to become expert in both.

Bonus #7:

The Power Of Self-Acceptance

The Power Of Self-Acceptance

Have you heard the phrase, “If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will?”

If you’ve ever suffered the pain of rejection, I guarantee this played a big role in it.

Here’s why… Women only reject guys who first reject themselves.

Most guys, dislike or disapprove of themselves inside… so why should a woman be any different?

The only way to STOP getting rejected is to change your self-talk in this area, which I show you how to do immediately in this bonus video.

This alone will make you magnetically attractive to women!

Do not miss this!

Bonus #8:

How To Be A Better Man

How To Be A Better Man

So much of what you hear about what it takes to become a strong, confident, alpha-male is dangerously wrong.

Most guys think they have to become a superhero version of themselves to be the kind of man women crave, when in fact the opposite is true.

Right now, you could be making some dangerous lifestyle mistakes that turn women off you!

In this intimate audio, you’ll hear what it takes to be a REAL man, and some of what you’ll hear will surprise you. For example, you’ll discover the shocking truth about how women really feel about sex… You’ll hear why you MUST reveal your sensitive side if a woman is going to feel safe with you… You’ll hear the secret to powerful negotiation and how you can use it to attract women…. And a whole lot more!

If you’re serious about becoming successful not just with women, but in all areas of your life, you need to listen to this audio over and over again.


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Advanced Dating Inner Circle

Become part of my exclusive "Advanced Dating Inner Circle" and take your dating and sex life to a whole new level.

Come into my private world and watch me meet and seduce some of the most beautiful women in the world. I'm a very private person, and I've NEVER let a camera follow me like this.

But at my last boot camp, one of the guys said something that made me stop and think...

...He said, "David, I've been saving up to come on this boot camp for years. If only I could have seen you in action like this years ago. My life would have been so much better!"

It made me realize paying thousands of dollars to do a boot camp with me isn't something everyone can do. I wanted to give you the chance to see me in action without having to save up for years. So I've opened up the doors to my private world to help you change your dating life FOREVER!

The camera follows me literally EVERYWHERE!

I reveal some of my most powerful and advanced attraction strategies (Normally reserved for private clients paying up to $10,000), to give you the edge over every guy who doesn't have access to this.

You'll see the camera follow me as I...

  • Stop women on the street and get their phone numbers
  • Flirt with hot waitresses in restaurants
  • Close beautiful women and get them to agree to a date
  • Start to attract women by talking to random strangers
  • Take a woman on a first date and start to seduce her
  • Go in for a first kiss
  • Create magnetic attraction in a woman I've only just met
  • Sexually escalate a woman. You'll see her getting visually aroused!
  • Turn women on just by talking to them
  • And a whole lot more!

This is footage of me you won't see ANYWHERE else.

I guarantee once you start using the techniques and strategies you see me putting into action, it'll transform your life beyond all recognition.

With this free bonus you will be receiving a 14 day free trial to my "Advanced Dating Inner Circle" where you will receive an exclusive members only video product a week which you can cancel at anytime through your account or our 24-Hour Help Desk. If you decide you want to continue as a "Advanced Dating Inner Circle" member, you will be billed $49.95 every 30 days and continue to receive a video product every week.

This bonus is completely optional and you'll be able to "accept" or "deny" it on the checkout page.

“It Sounds Amazing David… But How Much Do I Have To Invest?”

Normally, I’d sell all these programs for $177 total… and they compare well to other products I sell for that much or more.

But you get them all absolutely free when you join me in the 7 Second Seduction System, TODAY.

It’s the single most complete education I’ve EVER seen for awakening the kind of calm, cool, collected, ultra-powerful man that is already in you now.

Remember, just making the shifts that get you past the first 7 seconds can produce huge changes in your results with women…

Not only with women, but also with money, confidence, success and more…

All you have to do is just spend a few hours watching or listening to these insanely entertaining videos and accompanying audios… whether it’s at home, in the car, at the gym, or while you fall asleep…

Now, picture yourself having just a few “aha” moments about where you’ve gone wrong—and how you can immediately begin the way women see and feel about you the moment they meet you…

Imagine your attractiveness and magnetism beginning to snowball with each session and each passing day…

Or how good would it feel to have women just be instinctively drawn to you…

Because each day, you’re becoming an undeniably more mature, charismatic,more powerful man… the kind of man women respond to immediately.

How could you put a price on something like that?

Or stated differently, how much would that result be worth to you?

Rather than start with some high (arbitrary) price that’s total BS… and then continually slash that price down like you see on some scummy web page or infomercials, let’s get real for a second…

First, let’s consider the value as it translates into instant results with women:

I don’t need to remind you that… as guys… there’s little limit to how much we spend if we think we’ll get laid. That means drinks, dates, pickup programs,clothes, clubs, online dating sites… the list is endless.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve burned through more money than I can count chasing women in my early years… and I’d kill to have all that back now.

None of it made one bit of difference…

Because what good is all that spending… which could easily amount to $1,000…2,000… even $3,000 per year…

(Not to mention the fact that the money suck that most guys create in their pursuit of women often lasts YEARS…)

… IF you don’t have the emotional presence and subtle cues she’s looking for in that first seven seconds?

What if EVERYTHING you’re currently doing to attract more quality women into your life is all for nothing… simply because you’re already being rejected before you even open your mouth?

And that’s just dating.

“It was about the lifestyle, and having fun, and not aiming for a ‘close’”

I bought 7 Second Seduction because I was intrigued by the name. After watching the material I started to realize it was about the lifestyle, and having fun, and not aiming for a ‘close’, so I decided to get out there and give it a go. The other night I went into town and I was chatting to everyone, barmaids giving me free drinks, other girls buying me drinks, everyone seemed to enjoy being around me, I got one number that night because it felt right. I feel like a more confident version of myself and plan on getting a lot more phone numbers.

Big thanks,

Jake F.
United Kingdom

I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve met who get into serious relationships from a place of need or desperation, only to overspend as a way to ensure the girl sticks around or stays loyal.

It’s sad but true.

Some guys I know have literally lost MILLIONS because they didn’t have the confidence to walk out of a bad relationship and cut their losses early.

(The type of confidence that comes from 7 Second Seduction… the kind of confidence you’ll have when you complete this program.)

Clearly, we are talking about very high stakes.

Not to mention the lifelong, miserable cost of settling.

Are you willing to settle for a fraction of the woman you could be getting?

Are you willing to risk missing out on the girl of your dreams, which is sadly what
will happen to most guys…

As you’ve seen on this page the first 7 seconds matters.

In a way… it’s everything… because you either get beyond it and create deep,irresistible attraction… or you get immediately disqualified, with no chance of being with her ever.

This affects your self-esteem, your confidence, your resilience, your perception of opportunities and possibilities… there’s little that’s NOT affected by your how women feel and react to you as a man.

Weak presence and frequent reject… in terms of hard cost… could easily run you at thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands… or even millions… over the course of your life.

And yet it doesn’t have to.

Like I said, I’m not going set the price of this program at some random or arbitrary number, like $997… and then slash it all the way down to something insanely affordable.

Instead, we did our homework…

We wanted to uncover the price that the majority of guys could afford, yet at the same time, use a price that our extensive surveys and research shows is high enough that the program will be valued and acted upon.

After all, any price for a program is too expensive if you don’t take action.

So ultimately, we settled on the price you see below.

Just $77

It’s not so high that you have to go into debt, max out your credit card or anything like that…

Yet not so low that you’re just going to buy it and let it sit there on your computer, tablet or phone.

I’ve making it as easy as possible for you to get started…

Again, the goal is not just to sell a bunch of stuff — but to MAKE YOU one of the very few guys who can walk up to any woman and make her feel different… alive… intrigued… even WET… in that first 7 seconds alone.

It’s about equipping men like you with the tools needed to go beyond the rejection and friend zone most guys land in… and THRIVE in this fierce new world, where first impressions are faster than ever.

To get started with the 7 Second Seduction System, simply click the button at the bottom of this page… and in less than a minute, you’ll have complete access to the entire program…

Guarantee.gif“No Risk To You With My 90 Day Money Back Guarantee…”

Take 90 Days — yep, 3 full months — to implement the strategies and techniques in this Program, and if after implementing them* you aren’t getting MORE dates in 90 days than you got in the last year, I’ll refund every red cent you paid for this product.

Yes, I do mean MORE dates in just 3 months than you’ve had in the entire year before… and that’s what I’m 100% confident you will experience this once you utilize the techniques I teach in 7 Second Seduction!

This a WHOPPER of a Guarantee … but I’m really THAT confident in 7 Second Seduction!

*Because this is an “action-based” guarantee, to request a refund simply send me an email telling me which technique(s) you implemented and describe what happened that left you unsatisfied. I do this simply to protect myself from the 1% of you out there who are dishonest and are trying to scam me. For the rest of you, trust me, once you go through this product and change your life, the only thing you’ll be thinking about is why you didn’t find this sooner…

Remember, there is ZERO risk on your part… because the program is fully guaranteed, with no-questions-asked for 90 days…

Yes, you have my full no-questions-asked money-back guarantee and assurance that, if you take action, it will do everything I say it will, and more.

I stand by it, as I’ve seen this process work for countless students and coaching clients and I’ve used and demonstrated it repeatedly, on video, for any guy to confirm and see.

So go ahead and download all the detailed, 7 Second Seduction videos and audio
volumes right now, and then put them to the test…

I want you to finally experience what it feels like to have your confidence skyrocket as you INSTANTLY trigger intense, noticeable attraction in women that used to ignore you before…

I want you to notice how differently they start treating you… chasing and pursuing you, eagerly handing over their numbers, meeting up, even coming back to your

I want you to KNOW, with absolute 100% certainty, that this unique process has the ability to take you from wherever you are now… to the kind of man who can forget all the silly lines and techniques…

… and just walk up to any woman and trigger the kinds of feelings her “romantic”heart dreams and fantasizes about.


In the highly unlikely event that you’re not blown away by the 7 Second Seduction program—just say the word and again, I’ll personally give you a full, no questions-asked refund.

There is no fine print, nothing to send back…

This isn’t one of those guarantees I make and then hope you forget about. I’m dead serious about you either becoming a powerful new man with 7 Second Seduction… or not paying a dime.

The thing that inspires me most about offering this kind of program, is the leverage that it gives you as a guy…

You don’t have to suddenly become rich…

You don’t have to magically grow taller, or start looking like Brad Pitt…

You don’t need to memorize lines, or try to become “alpha” or learn “natural game”…

You just simply watch or listen to these fun, informative conversations between the girls and I…

Then just take a few simple action steps, and watch how your inner power and perceived attractiveness begin to skyrocket.

Look, I’ve done it all with women. I’ve both chased and been chased… I’ve been cheap and other times I’ve spent beyond my means…

I’ve experienced some of the most humiliating rejection of any guy I know, including having a drink thrown at my face in public…

… and I’ve ultimately made virtually every mistake a man could make.

I can say with all honesty that I would have KILLED for something like this early on…

It would have saved me a fortune, and shaved many years off my learning curve…

That’s exactly what’s possible for you now.

With the 7 Second Seduction video and audio program, you can become the kind of guy who tries less… worries less… and gets what he wants from women,INSTANTLY.

The kind of man who has more women, more time, and in all probability, more money as well…

Really… a guy who gets more of everything he wants from his life.

Right now you have the opportunity to take control of an invisible power most guys don’t even know exists…

To step forward and join a select group of men who experience the kind of video mentoring most guys can only dream about…

Remember, there is no risk and nothing to send back if you change your mind…

We’re so unbelievably confident in the changes you’ll experience with the program,we’re even letting you download the entire thing on Day 1…

Knowing, of course, that there’s no way for you to return it… and will be yours even in the unlikely event you want a refund.

Plus, you’ll get over $177 in bonuses… which answer ALL the questions that cause women to reject men… just for saying “maybe.”

“So What Are You Waiting For?”

Just click the “add to cart” button below now and get started… in just minutes you could have me inside your head, literally REWIRING YOUR BRAIN for instant attraction and chemistry…

Buy Today for Just $524.83 $77.00!
Gone will be the days when you’re afraid around beautiful women or don’t know what to say…

Never again will you be paralyzed by the fear of rejection… or sitting at home alone at night wishing you had an amazing woman in your life… or in your bed…

With 7 Second Seduction, you quickly become the guy that women are constantly wanting to flirt and get sexy with, because you instantly and clearly exude ALL the qualities her unconscious mind is hard-wired to look for in a romantic relationship.

So again… if you’re willing to watch me approach real women and listen in these amazing, uncensored conversations…

If you’re open enough to let this info create simple “shifts” in your brain and emotional makeup shifts that quickly give you the boldness needed to talk to much hotter women…

And if you’re eager to go beyond seducing women, and start seeing how this newfound confidence affects ALL areas of your life…

Then simply click the add to cart button below… and get started right away.

Buy Today for Just $524.83 $77.00!
You’ll get instant access to the entire program… and if you’re like most guys, you’ll begin noticing change after listening to just a few sessions, which can be done in a day.


Don’t get sucked into complicated seduction systems that won’t ever get you to where you want to go…

Instead, just focus on fixing and mastering up ONE THING… the first 7 seconds… and the rest (including women), will take care of itself…

Don’t wait…

You can start TODAY, right now… and begin a new journey that will absolutely change the entire course of your life.

I look forward to welcoming you aboard, and seeing how this power and know-how transforms your results with now… and life.

Your friend,


P.S. Remember, it only takes a woman 7 seconds to decide whether she would date you or whether you’re destined for the friend-zone.

“7 Second Seduction” shows you step-by-step what to do in that tiny 7 second window to ensure women are intrigued, attracted, and eager to spend time with you.

P.P.S. Don’t forget, on top of the complete “7 Second Seduction” system, I’m also giving you a ton of FREE bonus programs which perfectly compliment the main system.

When you use these bonuses in conjunction with the main system, you’ll be able to confidently walk up to any woman you choose, spark her emotions, create instant attraction, and know how to close her for a date there and then.

You’ll also discover how to make sure you get a second date, and that you know how to please her in the bedroom. This package is your complete guide to being the kind of man women can’t resist!

Just click the add to cart button below, and don’t forget there’s no risk to you because you’re fully covered by my 90-day money-back guarantee!

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