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Dating Q&A #14:

Can An Online Date Lead To Marriage?

How realistic is it for a woman over 40 to expect a personal ad date to lead to marriage? – Sabrina M., 43, Corvallis, Oregon

Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D. answers: If you know what you’re doing, it is possible to find a spouse through online dating. Just keep in mind that it’s a big, anonymous world, and get to know your potential date face-to-face as soon as possible. Understand that it will take a few months just to find out if the person you’re dating has real potential. Go slowly – it takes time to develop a healthy relationship. While you’re figuring that out, keep your wits about you. Pay attention to what your new friend is saying about himself, how well he hears what you are saying, and look for clues to character. Watch for clues about how he handles money, and whether the two of you can disagree on something and work it out. If he has to be right about everything – run!

David Wygant answers: It is very realistic to believe a personal ad can lead to marriage. You need to write a great profile. Then you need to spend the time getting back to each person who contacts you. May I suggest a game plan for you? When you place your profile on Yahoo! Personals, make sure the picture you submit is current and one that represents who you are. A good-quality, natural photo will bring you more replies.

The Insightful Dater answers: There are so many success stories about people of all ages meeting online and making a connection – people who never thought they would “find the one,” much less online! The great thing about using online dating is that you can be up front about everything you are looking for and everything you have to offer. It’s a great way to have another “iron in the fire” for your dating life. Why would you cut yourself off from an opportunity? Above all, be patient. As with offline dating, finding your ideal match could take weeks or months. For inspiration, have a look at the success stories written by people who met on Yahoo! Personals.