Written for Match.com

Top 3 Ways to Meet Someone at the Beach

Try these surf and sand tactics and you might end up with a phone number

Sun, sand, women in swimsuits, and you’re still sitting on your towel downing beer after beer? Stop drinking and start meeting – pronto!

Try one of my top three “beach-meeting” tactics next time your toes are in the sand, and you might end up with a phone number.

  1. Do a “sand stand.” Head to water’s edge and plant yourself facing a direction where you can see her as she approaches. Pretend to be surveying the horizon. When she gets close, make sure you’re in the flow of beach-walking traffic so as she passes you can say “Hi” or “Oh, excuse me.” Or pick up a shell and ask her, “Did you lose this?”
  2. Ask for a wave reading. As soon as you see your dreamboat frolicking in the water, get off your blanket and head down to cool off as well, but before jumping in shout, “Hey! How’s the water?”
  3. Play Frisbee. There is nothing like an out-of-control Frisbee toss to land you in the path of a bikini-clad cutie. Toss it “accidentally” to her as she walks by and say, “Hey, thanks for saving my Frisbee” before introducing yourself. Or, if she’s catching rays near you, repeatedly “miss” in her direction. By the third time you nearly land on her towel, she’ll probably laugh and you can make a silly comment like “Apparently my Frisbee wants to meet you and actually, so do I.”

More beach do’s and don’ts that work every time


  • Get up off that towel and move around!
  • Bring your suntan lotion, but (conveniently) need a different SPF so you can “borrow” some.
  • Location is key – pick your spot carefully, but be discreet. If you’re too obvious, she might pack up and leave.
  • Interact with people near the showers or concessions so you can strike up conversations. Who knows? Maybe they’re with your sexy neighbor down by your towel.
  • Cards can be tricky in the sand but are always a reason to invite other players.
  • Offer to share some ice-cold water or beer. Be a gentleman and share with her friends too!


  • Sit there all day with your iPod on, wishing someone would approach you.
  • Sit away from the crowds – the more the merrier!
  • Jump in the water and then head straight back to your blanket. Women often linger together by the water. And whatever you do, don’t splash them unless they splash you first.
  • Go with friends who don’t want to meet people. Meeting people at the beach is easier if you have friends who want to meet people as well.
  • Get drunk. It may be easier for you to approach a woman, but you’ll make a lousy first impression and she’ll bolt.