Written for Match.com

Top 10 Summer Dates

Now that it’s summer time, it’s time to get out of the house and get creative when planning a date with a woman. Enough with sitting at dinner watching each other chew, while exchanging resumes during a three course meal!

Summer is all about activities, having fun, being outside and enjoying the weather. When you meet a woman for the very first time, find out what she likes to do. Once you find out what she likes to do, plan a date based on one of the activities she mentions. Not only will this distinguish you from all of the other men that are pursuing her, you will have far more fun on this type of date because she will be totally relaxed and participating in things far more interesting than staring at you across the table chewing food and getting drunk.

Here’s a list of my top 10 summer dates:

  1. Mini-Golf: Challenge her to a game of mini-golf where the winner buys the drinks afterwards.
  2. Plan a picnic in the park: Grab a blanket, some wine, some fun little tasting foods, and head to the park. Put the blanket down and enjoy the picnic!
  3. Go to the park during the day, bring a frisbee and test her frisbee skills: This is not only fun, but it gives you something to tease each other about in the future.
  4. Drive-In Movie: Most people have never been to a drive-in movie. Most cities either have a drive-in movie theater still operating, or they have a park that actually will play movies on a Thursday night under the stars. This is different, fun, and something they may have never done before.
  5. Go to a concert in the park: Once again, this takes a little bit of research. Grab your local paper and see who’s playing in the park that evening.
  6. Go to a country fair: Nothing is more fun than trying to win her a thirty cent stuffed animal for thirty dollars in quarters! Take turns at the milk bottles. Take turns trying to win a goldfish. Participate in all that the fair has to offer.
  7. Go to a rodeo: Most people have never been to a rodeo. But, depending on where you live in the country, in the summer there are often a number of rodeos in town. This will not only be fun, but totally different … And once you see the mutton riders (which by the way are little kids who ride sheep), the two of you will definitely laugh! The rodeo always has something funny to talk about.
  8. Go for a drive: Take a drive on a Sunday afternoon, check out some of the towns around you, and go exploring together. Not only is this fun, but it gives you lots of things to talk about while you’re doing it.
  9. Go for a sunset walk: Take advantage of the long days and enjoy a sunset walk. Pick a place in your city with a great view of the sunset and catch the sunset together.
  10. Go to a street fair: Most towns and cities have street fairs with vendors and food. Take the time and walk through the street fair. Try on the funny hat, eat some food on the stick, and have a good time just walking through and commenting on all the interesting things you see together.

Dating is supposed to be fun and creative. In the summertime, you have more time to be creative and more time to be doing things. So leave the typical dinner and drinks behind! Get creative so you can enjoy the dating process even more.