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With David Wygant

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Who Do You Blame For Your Life?

Guest: John Keegan

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Today you woke up. Brushed your teeth. Poured yourself a cup of coffee.

When was the first moment today that you blamed somebody else for your life? I want you to think about it. It might’ve been a simple moment, when someone cut you off in traffic. You blame them for you being late to work. But in reality, all you had to do was leave five minutes earlier.

You know what? That person who cut you off wouldn’t have mattered, because that person wouldn’t have mattered. You blame the traffic. You walk in the office and go, sorry I’m late.

It starts off with simple blame throughout the day, but the real person you need to blame is the person we’re going to talk about in today’s podcast.

John Keegan and I talk about who’s to blame for your life. We also come up with a solution, so you’re no longer blaming anybody and you’re really living the higher vibration of life that you desire and deserve.

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