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Episode 33: The Most Powerful Drug of All, Humans

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Dating is a heady brew. It’s an extremely powerful feeling to find someone and actually know that they’re you’re emotional and spiritual comrade.

Dating is the constant opportunity to fall in love. And that’s what we all want: to fall in love, be in love.

It’s an intoxicating, powerful drug. Get your dose by downloading and rating this podcast in your podcatcher of choice, and be sure to check out John Keegan at theawakenedlifestyle.com.

Episode 32: Are You a Review Troll?

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You know, some people just can’t handle the f*cking truth. Like all you Yelp and Amazon review people. You passive aggressive people who presume to judge people who you know nothing about, who can’t take responsibility for ANY of the things that go wrong in your life.

Look. I get it. There are perfectly legitimate reasons for some bad reviews, and I think it’s good that they keep the service industry on their toes.

But SO many of you hide behind your computer screens and your online names, and you lash out at people and companies online whenever shit in your life goes wrong.

Grow up. Grow a pair. Take responsibility for your life, and if you must review something, make sure you leave a (positive) review 10 Minute Daily Reality Check on your podcatcher of choice 😉

And check out John Keegan at https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/

Episode 31: Leave Your Dating Representative at Home

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What do I mean by “the representative?” It’s the well-behaved version of who you AREN’T. It’s who you THINK people will be attracted to, who you think people will be impressed by.

And when you date and you bring the representative instead of your authentic self, it’s just that: not your authentic self. And when your authentic self does inevitably come out, what do you think happens to that attraction you’ve supposedly created?

Listen, download and rate this podcast in your podcatcher of choice, and make sure you check out John Keegan at https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/

Episode 30: I Know a Little Life Secret

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I know a little life secret… and it’s something we talked about a little yesterday. Want to know what it is?

Live your life like you’re an artist. Life is a theater, and you’re an improv artist. Every second of every minute of every day, life throws something unexpected at you. So what do you do?

EMBRACE IT. Say yes. All good things in life come by embracing the unknown, venturing out of your comfort zone, and saying yes to all the millions of experiences that life throws at you.

Listen to today’s episode, rate and subscribe to 10 Minute Daily Reality Check in your podcatcher of choice, and be sure to check out John Keegan at https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/

Episode 29: Why I Love Being a Stimulation Junkie

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My guest John and I are both stimulation junkies, and I’ve gotta say: I f*cking LOVE it. See, when you’re stimulated, that’s when you’re really alive. That’s when you’re present.

That’s when you’re not letting the little things bother you. You’re stimulated. Who cares about the little things when you’re stimulated?

So what’s the message today? If you’re not with someone who stimulates you, find someone who stimulates you. If you’re not living a stimulated life, start living a stimulated life.

Listen to today’s episode, rate and subscribe to 10 Minute Daily Reality Check in your podcatcher of choice, and be sure to check out John Keegan at https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/

Episode 28: The Sounds of the Zombie Culture

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Brring. Ding-ding. Beep. Bloop. These are the sounds of the zombie culture, the culture that’s stuck to their iPhone like they have permanent blowjob neck.

When did we become so inconsiderate? When did we, as a society, decide that the little white screen in front of us was more important than the people around us, like we were in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm?

I’m joined by John Keegan in the studio again and today, we’re going to go back and forth on the sounds of our zombie culture. And make sure you check out John’s website at theawakenedlifestyle.com.

Episode 27: The Monster in Your Hands

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What if I told you… the monster in your home is actually in your hands?

It’s the smartphone, which you use as a replacement for human beings, human contact and connection.

So today’s challenge? A day free from the monster in your hands.

Episode 26: Does Googling Kill Attraction?

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Do you Google a potential date as soon as you meet them? Maybe you look them up to see what they post on Facebook? (God forbid they voted for Trump and you didn’t, right?)

Here’s the problem: why can’t you just get to know them? When you look someone up, it’s almost like they’re not a person anymore. They’re just a bunch of facts and statistics.

Get to know someone the old-fashioned way and you will be richly rewarded when you get to gradually undress them day by day and get to know the real them.

Episode 25: What To Do If You Are “Big Worded”

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Big words don’t impress me. And they probably don’t impress the person you’re trying to impress with your impressive big words.

Today John and I are going to talk about how each of us got by without EVER using our intelligence, but rather by using what does actually impress people: your charm, your perseverance, and your balls.

Episode 24: The Dangers of Playing With A Man’s Balls

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Every man loves to have his balls fondled, of course. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. What we’re talking about are the kinds of ball-busting women who will play with a man’s balls, his ego, his manhood.

So why do so many women do this? Today I’m back in the studio with John and Camille, and by the end of this episode, we’re gonna figure this out.

Download & rate this episode in your podcatcher of choice, and be sure to check out John at theawakenedlifestyle.com and Camille at masterofflinedating.com.

Episode 23: Hide Hide And Ignore You Silly Human

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Hide! Move to a neighborhood filled with people who are just like you, and then hide from them. In the line at Starbucks, keep your head down staring at your phone.

So here’s the challenge of the day: instead of ignoring people… TALK TO THEM! And write down what happens. And see your life start to change immediately.

Episode 22: Here Comes the Judge Hypocrite

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Here comes the judge hypocrite! Do you judge people without ever getting to no them? I mean, hey. I’m no saint. I’m guilty as charged of making judgment.

Here’s the deal with judgment, though. Because we’re hypocrites. We’re hypocrites in the sense that we don’t have empathy and compassion for the people we judge…

…When all we want is empathy and compassion for other people. And you will keep putting yourself in a tinier and tinier box separated from other people until all there is is you.