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Episode 120: Negative 254 Degrees

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Today we’ve got a short reality check as I’m getting ready to head off to NYC… but we’ve still managed to pack not one but TWO special guests. The first is my friend Matt from Coast Cryo, a cryotherapy sauna here in LA.

And the other is… the cutest little girl in the world, my daughter. And the three of us are going to touch on a whole range of topics, from the benefits of cryotherapy to the exact number of dogs my daughter wants to have 🙂

So join us today, subscribe to and rate us in your podcatcher of choice, and if you’re here on the West Coast, be sure to check out Coast Cryo at http://coastcryo.com/

Episode 119: Fur Love is Not Real Love

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Last night, as I was watching the firework spectacle, I saw something interesting. And kind of sad. And it’s basically this: women and men more attached to their dogs, their furry little children, than to other people.

Fur love is not REAL love, people. And right now, I’m going to make a radical suggestion: you use it as a substitute for real love because it’s easier. It doesn’t require real vulnerability. And that’s why it’s not real love.

Listen to today’s reality check, rate, share and subscribe to it in your podcatcher of choice, and come on back tomorrow for more radical self-help that doesn’t suck.

Episode 118: The Me-Me-Me Craze

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Happy 4th of July. Now, before you go out and celebrate and have a good time today, let me piss you off for 10 minutes. Because we need to talk, America. We need to talk about this “me-me-me” craze that’s sweeping the nation.

We’re so self-absorbed right now. Every aspect of our lives is just me-me-me. And we’re teaching the next generation to be all me-me-me.

So today I’m going to challenge you to really look at your own self-absorption. Download, rate and share this podcast, subscribe in your podcatcher of choice, and come on back tomorrow for more radical self-help that doesn’t suck.

Episode 117: How Not to Die

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It’s a simple question: How do I NOT die? How do I live the healthiest life possible? Well, that’s what we’re going to answer right now. I’m in the studio with Dr. Michael Greger, author of the book “How Not to Die.”

And we’re diving deep today into health, fitness, and nutrition. We’re going to talk about the huge nutrition myths and misunderstandings in today’s culture, and how to really eat to live a healthy life.

So join us today, share, rate and subscribe to the 10 Minute Daily Reality Check in your podcatcher of choice, and check out Dr. Greger at https://nutritionfacts.org/.

Episode 116: Do You Suffer From “When I” Disease?

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“When I…” You know “When I” disease? You suffer from it when you say, “When I’m 40, I’m going to do this…”

Well, why not now? Why not live your life? Because as you live your life, you’re able to learn lessons. Everything that’s put in your life is put there for a reason, and the reason is to teach you a lesson you need to learn.

Join me today as I interview a young man going through his adult adolescence and we talk about the “When I’s.” Rate us, share us and subscribe to us in your podcatcher of choice, and come on back tomorrow for more radical self-help that doesn’t suck.

Episode 115: Disneyland Dad Visits Dutch Oven World In Papa Smurf Dumpers

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Happy birthday to me! It’s my birthday today, and before I pick up my daughter and then hop on a few coaching calls (check out the “On Sale” page for some REALLY special deals on coaching), I’m in the studio with John Keegan…

…and today’s topic is Disneyland Dad. Disneyland Dad who wears dumpers and goes to dutch oven world and looks like Papa Smurf. What is it with this guy?

Well, today we’re going to poke a little fun at him, and maybe you if you’re a Disneyland dad, while still delivering some really radical self-help that doesn’t suck.

So join us, rate us, share us, come back tomorrow for more radical advice, and check out John Keegan at https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/.

Episode 114: Toxic Relationship? HELL YES!!

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Are you a man or woman who just seems to get in toxic relationship after toxic relationship?

Well, this reality check is for you. Because we’re back in the studio with my great friend John Keegan, and we’re gonna dive deep into why we keep repeating these relationship patterns. And we’re going to teach you how to see the warning signs and say, “Toxic relationship? Hell NO!!”

So join us today, download, subscribe and rate us in your podcatcher of choice, and be sure to check out John’s website at https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/

Episode 113: The “I Have It Covered” Mentality

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“I have it covered.” Those are some famous last words of people who’ve been too stubborn, too arrogant, or too cheap to ever ask for help. And every time you tell yourself that, you move further and further away from the life you want to be living.

So whether it’s the relationship you desire, the job you desire, or anything else in your life, my guest John Keegan and I have a challenge for you today: ASK FOR SOME F*CKIN’ HELP!! You only have one life. It’s time to start living it.

Listen to today’s reality check and rate it in your podcatcher of choice, share us, subscribe, and check out John at https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/

Episode 112: Are You a Tidbitter?

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Are you a tidbitter? See, a tidbitter is someone who settles in life. They settle for an empty plate instead of a three-course meal. The settle for what they can get, instead of what they want, in their love life, their social life, their career, their health… and just about everything.

I’ve gotta tell you. It’s one of the saddest things to see all these tidbitters settle in life. But all that can change. And today I’ll tell you how.

Download and rate today’s reality check, listen to it and subscribe to it in your podcatcher of choice, and come on back tomorrow for more radical self-help that doesn’t suck.

Episode 111: Kill the Victim, Unleash the Inspiration

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You know, I’m interviewed regularly by magazines, radio hosts and TV shows, but it’s never occurred to me to interview the interviewer. Well, that’s exactly what I did today.

I was recently interviewed by Anelia of the Italian women’s monthly, AMICA, and it went so well that I invited her onto the 10 Minute Daily Reality Check. And she’s going to talk about some of the most inspiring stories she’s heard as a journalist.

You see, so many people only see the pain. They play the victim. But today’s reality check is all about KILLING that victim and using every obstacle as an inspiration. So join us, rate us in iTunes or your podcatcher of choice, and check out AMICA at http://www.amica.it/.

Episode 110: What I Don’t Give a F*ck About

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Another year’s gone by for me as my birthday approaches on July 1. And once again I find myself reflecting. Because as you get older, you start to realize what’s really important in your life… and what you don’t give a f*ck about anymore.

So today is all about what I don’t – and what you really shouldn’t – give a f*ck about. Your phone. Donald Trump. Social media. And so much more…

So listen to today’s reality check, download and rate it, share it with your friends, and come back tomorrow for more radical self-help that doesn’t suck.

Episode 109: Are You Captain Chaos?

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Today is Sunday, a day for reflection. And there’s something I want all of you listening to really reflect on: you are the captain of your own ship, the creator of your own reality.

So if you don’t like your job, you created that. If you don’t like your love life, you created that. If you’re captain chaos, the man or woman whose life is a complete clusterf*ck… you guessed it. That’s your creation.

Today we’re going to talk about just how deeply you create your own reality through your thoughts and beliefs, so join us on this reality check, subscribe to and review us, and be sure to come back tomorrow for more radical self-help that doesn’t suck.