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Episode 257: What My Daughter Taught Me Yesterday

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We’re only 3 days away from over the hills and through the woods to spend the day with the people we love. And today’s reality check is all about what love really means.

Yesterday I spent the day with my daughter, and it was truly amazing. And I’m going to tell you all about the lessons she’s taught me when it comes to love.

So listen today and discover what the key to love truly is (it’s not what most people think). Download and rate this podcast, subscribe to it, and give thanks this week by sharing it with all your friends and the people YOU love.

Episode 256: The Legend of the Swipe Dumper

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It’s time for a reality check for all you ladies out there who are swipe dating. It’s time you realized what swiping apps are and how men really use them. See the half naked girl in the podcast photo? That’s what men are imagining as they’re sitting on the toilet, swiping right to every woman.

This isn’t a call for change. This is simply a reality check for you, because if you want to truly succeed in dating and find love in 2017 going into 2018, then you need to really understand the minds of men and how they date nowadays, whether you love it or hate it.

So join me and my guest Steven Young today as we expose this radical truth to you. Download, rate and subscribe to the podcast, be sure to share this with everyone you know on a dating app, and if you want to connect with Steven, an excellent photographer based in the NYC area, you can go to his Instagram, @stevenyoungbakingsoda.

Episode 255: From Dick Pics to Flaccid Masturbator

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Let’s reach into our bag of topics for the podcast and talk about… dick pics! They’re everyone’s favorite dating mistake. They’re an epidemic. And, the root of the problem goes so much deeper than you think.

Today, guest Eddie Palmer and I are going to talk about why guys actually think dick pics are socially acceptable, and the role that social media and our modern sex culture have played.

So listen today, share this with everyone on social media to let them know the truth, rate our podcast and subscribe to it, and if you want to connect with the West Coast’s best personal trainer, shoot Eddie an email at eddiepalmer12@gmail.com.

Episode 254: The Land of the Lost Solution

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We truly are living in the land of the lost when it comes to dating. I spoke at a great event the other night called “The Great Love Debate,” and there were people who had all these limited mindsets. “I don’t want men to pick me up,” “All men are cheaters,” and the rest of it.

But today I’m going to challenge you to create your own rules. I’m going to challenge you to expand your mindset and start meeting people every day. And I’ll tell you a simple way you can do that.

So join me today as I ride solo on this reality check. Download the podcast, subscribe to it and rate it, and share it with anyone you know you needs a radical shift in their lives.

Episode 253: Do You Have What It Takes to Be the Ultimate You?

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If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be? My guest and best friend Brett Parker has an interesting, sincere answer to that question: he would be himself (even after I offered him Ryan Gosling’s life, bank account and sex appeal)!

And that’s the message in today’s reality check: why wouldn’t you be you? Everything you desire in life, you can have. So today, we’re going to talk about your limiting beliefs, the roots of those beliefs, and how to get past them and truly become the ultimate you.

So listen, download and rate this podcast, share it with anyone who’s NOT the ultimate them, leave us a review on iTunes, and come back tomorrow for more radical self-help that doesn’t suck.

Episode 252: This is Us

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“This is Us…” that’s the name of the sappy TV show your mother’s in love with, with the idyllic family that people everywhere are falling in love with. Well, my joke has always been, “this COULD be us.” But… it’s not us.

Because the truth is, your family’s not perfect. But, your family gave you the lessons you needed to grow up and become who you are. So today, my brother Eric and I will be taking a trip down memory lane and telling you about our not-so-perfect family and how we’re so grateful for everything they taught us.

So join us today, download and rate this podcast, subscribe to it, share it with your friends, and come back tomorrow for more radical self-help that doesn’t suck.

Episode 251: You Can’t Handle the Truth!

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2018 is almost here (less than 7 weeks away, to be exact). So it’s time for a review. It’s time to look at your life. Your relationships. Your goals. Where you are, and where you want to be.

Because the truth is, the gap between where you are and where you want to be is usually pretty wide. The truth is, you need help. You need mentorship. But, most people can’t handle the truth. Most people spend their lives in mediocrity.

What kind of person are YOU? Find out on today’s reality check, featuring a guest appearance from my brother Eric. Download it, subscribe, rate us on iTunes, share this episode with your friends, and come back tomorrow for more radical self-help that doesn’t suck.

Episode 250: Brain Hacks to Hot Delicious Sex & Intimacy

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You know how I feel about porn. I can create fantasies in my mind that are lightyears ahead of anything else. Because sex, intimacy and desire is all about mindset. You can brain hack your way to hot, delicious sex.

And that’s exactly what my guest, Eva Clay, is going to tell you about today. She’s a sex educator and therapist who’s going to blow your mind and change your whole reality when it comes down to sex…

…so join our special reality check today. Download and rate it, subscribe, and share this with everyone you know, because so many people need to hear it! And if you want to learn more about Eva, go to http://evaclay.com/.

Episode 249: Master Bater Meets Mr. Groper (Round 1)

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It’s time we had a little chat about the news. That’s right, we’re going to talk about sex scandals. We’re going to talk about what’s been happening with Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, and Harvey Weinstein (and that’s just one month’s worth of scandals!)

Why do men in power seem so prone to sexual harassment? We’re going to answer that question on today’s reality check, which also features a guest appearance by my brother Eric. Oh, and ladies, don’t think you’re off the hook… plenty of women have used men for their own sexual ends (and we’ll give you examples of that).

So join Eric and me in today’s reality check, download it and rate it, subscribe to it, share it with everyone on social media, and come back tomorrow for more radical self-help that doesn’t suck.

Episode 248: This is Your Passport to Life

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This is your passport to life: vulnerability. That’s what this journey called life is all about. Connecting with people in pure vulnerability.

If you can’t get vulnerable, you will never succeed in love and life. Fortunately, though, I’ve brought back guest Adam Gilad to help me deliver this reality check to you today and teach you how to be the vulnerable, authentic man or woman you are destined to be.

So join us today, subscribe to and rate this podcast, share it with everyone you know, and if you want to learn more about Adam, head on over to http://adamgilad.com/.

Episode 247: How Far Have We Come!? That’s So Gay…

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How many of you consider yourselves tolerant? Well, how many times have you said about something, “that’s so gay”? How many times have you thought, “Muslims are ___,” instead of “a FEW muslims are this or that.”

Well, we’ve come far as a society. But we’ve still got plenty further to go. And that’s today’s reality check, where I’m joined once again by Adam Gilad.

So download, subscribe to and rate this podcast, share it with all your so-called tolerant, liberal friends, and if you want to learn more about Adam, head on over to http://adamgilad.com/.

Episode 246: Don’t DEFEND Your Life… OFFEND Your Life!

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How many of you have made mistakes? And how many of you defend those mistakes to other people… even when you KNOW it was a mistake?

Here’s a radical idea, which my guest Adam Gilad and I are going to give you today: don’t defend your life. OFFEND your life. Make mistakes. Embrace the mistakes you make every single day.

And learn why that’s the evolved way to live on today’s reality check. Download it, subscribe and rate it, share it with all your mistake-making friends, and if you want to learn more about Adam, head on over to http://adamgilad.com/.