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The Number One Reason Why Sex Too Soon Ruins A Relationship

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You want to know the mistake most people make when they desire a relationship? They have sex way too fast, before they’ve even built the friendship.

And why is it important to build the friendship? Don’t you want passion, romance, chemistry?

Sure. But chemistry is an illusion. Friendship is everlasting. And sex is only greater when you do these three things – listen to today’s podcast to find out what those things are.

Do You Live Inside a Plastic Cup In Walmart?

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Have you ever been to Walmart? I know you have.

Have you ever ventured into the pet department in Walmart? Have you ever seen those absolutely beautiful beta fish?

And then does your heart sink when you see that they live inside a tiny plastic cup?

Today I’m going to explain how you are actually in that plastic cup.

It’s not the beta on the shelves at Walmart that need the empathy and sympathy. It’s actually you, who are living in that plastic cup that needs to be set free.

Listen to today’s podcast so you understand how to set yourself free from a life in a plastic cup on the shelves of Walmart.

The “Never Do It Again” Syndrome

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Today we dive into a disease that is taking over society. It’s called the “I will never do this again” syndrome

It started when we were a young child and continues to drive us as an adult – but right now, your life is about to change.

What Justin Bieber Taught You

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What if I told you Justin Bieber has something to share with you that will free you from your day to day life…


Good, because it has nothing to do with his music or how he dances. It has To do with his mind.

Find out what he said that will greatly change your life for the better.

Why Only Inner Idiots Believe In Magic Pills

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Today we talk about how the world is dialed into your inner idiot and how the world takes advantage of you.

We all have the idiot inside, and today we go over how to kill that idiot from running your life.

Why Instagram is High School for Idiots

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When I look at social media, all I see is a giant virtual high school full of idiots.

Why do we reward the half brain people? Today I will expose why society does this and how so many people are still stuck in high school mentality.

Wake Up, Social Media Obsessed Losers

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It’s time all of you took serious action before your brains rot. The average person looks at there phone 400 times a day.

Today, I go over why this behavior will turn you into a complete self absorbed loser – this is going to rock your world and change the way you look at your phone and annoying social media feeds.

Why Hollywood Rich Kids Suck

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Does wealth bring you happiness? Apparently, it buys you SAT scores. It buys you a scholarship and allows your dumb children to get whatever they want. It allows you to take a scholarship away from someone who deserves it just because you have some money, but you don’t have the parenting skills to back up the money.

Today we talked about what’s going on in the world of Felicity Huffman, Bill Macy and Lori Loughlin and many others. Apparently, they feel it’s okay to pay off and bribe their way into their children’s futures.

Here are my thought on what bad parenting that is and why the children of these parents are breeding more people in this world who can’t fend for themselves. That’s today’s podcast – enjoy & I’ll speak to you tomorrow.

The Magic Trick To Create Whatever You Want

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Do you wonder why your life always seems to a constant battle with Groundhog Day syndrome?

Today I have the one thing you need to do to make radical instant changes in your life. No more repeat patterns that hold you back!

How Technology and Trends Can Make You Money

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Have you ever wondered how the rich keep making more and more money? Today we have a very interesting guest on the show and we are going to show you how to make money using the power of technology.

Its time you played in the same circle as all the big time wall street players. You will be amazed at how awesome this can all be for you. Be sure to go to https://trendspider.com?fp_ref=david59 to learn more after you listen!

Why A Hobby Keeps From Death

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In order to truly live, you must imagine you are dying. Am i crazy here, or taking a very controversial stand to prove a point?

We live in a worked full off zombies. It’s time you woke up from the walking dead and live. Todays podcast shows you exactly how.

Time To Shut Up And Just Do It

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Quick: How many times do you talk about something? Now, how many times do you actually accomplish what you say over and over?

Today’s podcast has one big message. It’s times to zip it and do it.