10 Minute Daily Reality Check

With David Wygant

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Episode 511: Listen Up! Stop Being a Prisoner of Your Life

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Here’s some reality – you want it? You got it.

You’ve told yourself over and over again, recreated the stories in your life that validate your negativity. When I’m coaching people, I hear that negativity – and I give you a 100%, totally unbiased opinion.

I don’t know you.

I hear you – and that’s better. A good coach doesn’t have to like you, or know you, a good coach has to hear you. And with a good coach, you do the work.

I need to connect the dots, hear your stories, and be able to break through the BS.

Part of what I do when I work with people is help them develop a new way of doing things. The human condition is all about trying to reinfect YOUR way into the program, into the process – and inevitably, it always fails.

When you do things your coach’s way for 30 days or 30 nights, THEIR way becomes YOUR way, and you’re no longer triggered by your own frustration because you’re no longer doing things THAT way anymore.

That’s how you make the change in your life.

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