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Monday, September 10, 2018


Guest: Kyle Dennis

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As you know, I’ve been transitioning from coaching to trading.

Kyle Dennis, talking with us today, tells us about his transition from real estate to trader.

He read some books and opened his own brokerage account and took a risk.

That risk cost him a lot of money but it was a great learning process and took him from average middle class guy to someone with a big savings account who does a lot of traveling and enjoying life.

I had the same feeling, the one that I could find something that doesn’t tie me down, something that gives me unlimited earning potential.

And I’m doing it. And even the choppiest days still gives earning potential.

Kyle explains his picks in his chat room and says “Don’t follow. Learn.”

Kyle has a lot to say about the community we have here. He never expected to be a teacher but passion for something makes it easy.

If you want to learn, put in the passion. Come on in and bring your passion and meet the community that helps push you along the way.

Kyle has a free webinar that teaches you what you need to know. This system is not anything that can be duplicated. You get all the help you need to get you trading.

I strongly suggest you watch this webinar. I’ve watched it a few times. The information is priceless.

Watch here: www.jasonbondpicks.com/aff?p=dw2319&w=btbwebfree

Kyle is a 27-year old stock guru who’s been featured in MarketWatch, The Street, Seeking Alpha and MoneyShow. Find out more about Kyle: http://www.jasonbondpicks.com/aff?p=dw2319&w=btbwebfree

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