10 Minute Daily Reality Check

With David Wygant

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


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Are you closer to your goals now than you were a few months ago? I think I have an idea why you may not be.
Here is something I’m learning about giving into your programming of impulses.
I’ve been trading stocks and because of that, I’m learning to recognize patterns in trading.
I have spent a lot of my life going from woman to woman to woman until I couldn’t remember who I truly spoke with.
It became an addiction. I gave into the impulses.
My natural impulse in trading is to go from one stock to the next. It’s part of my nature. I love instant gratification.
And now I am no closer to the goal I gave myself in the beginning of the summer.
How many of you do that? Have you reached your goal that you set months ago, or have you given into your impulses and find that you haven’t reached your goal?
I am no different than you. We give into our impulses. We need to stop allowing our impulses to take over. We need to stop acting like children. We need to write down our goals specifically and follow through.

Discipline is the only way to reach our goals. We need to admit we lack discipline. And until we discipline ourselves, there’s not a chance in hell that we’ll reach our goals.
Getting better isn’t enough. Embracing little wins is not enough. We need to cross the final 10%.

Then we can congratulate ourselves.

Just a thought.

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