10 Minute Daily Reality Check

With David Wygant

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Episode 427: Beware of Where You Get Advice.

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How do you feel about the people who walk around projecting happiness – and yet inside, they are just sad, and down trying so hard to show they are happy…but are not. Often times these folks search out a coach – anyone to help them. Regardless of the qualification.

Watching YouTube for hours on end does not make you a coach, does not even qualify you to give advice. So who should you listen to or choose to guide you?

Watching YouTube does NOT make you a coach.

Have you had a coach, or better yet, how many do you know? Do you believe everyone should be a coach? David talks on the “coaching industry” and the rampant disregard for actual applicable knowledge.

How many people give up their deepest, darkest challenges to someone who is NOT AT ALL qualified to give advice on anything. Explore the lack of qualifications when talking with someone and make sure that you’re working with someone who is actually qualified to deal with your satchel of issues.

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