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Monday, March 26, 2018

Episode 377: The Future of Cryptocurrency with Trevor Koverko

Guests: John Keegan, & Trevor Koverko

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Is it a bubble or a bust? A bear or a bull? The future… or just another pipe dream? The future of cryptocurrencies are up in the air at this moment, so today John Keegan (https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/) and I sat down with an expert to ask what the future truly holds for cryptocurrencies.

That man is Trevor Koverko and he’s the CEO of Polymath, a securities token platform. And today, he’s going to explain just what that means, how securities are migrating to the blockchain, and what that tells us about the future of crypto.

So listen to his advice and expertise in today’s podcast, download and subscribe to us, leave us a review, share this on social media, and if you want to learn more about Trevor or Polymath head on over to https://www.polymath.network/.

Episode Highlights:

  • You’ll learn about Trevor’s company, Polymath, and what his platform does
  • The political roots of cryptocurrencies
  • What the “crpto winter” of 2013 was
  • The “alt coin” movement – what it is, and how we got it
  • Why knowledge actually ISN’T the key to making money on crpto
  • What “hoddling” is
  • The cyclical patterns of tech booms – and how crypto is following this sequence
  • Is there a cryptocurrency bubble? Maybe, but that DOES NOT matter…
  • The new category of “security tokens” and what they mean for the future

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