Francesco Capozzoli

Francesco (“Frank”) Capozzoli: Exclusive Coach for David Wygant

Francesco CapozzoliDon’t let his trademark sense of humor and his real affection for the clients he serves fool you. A former rifleman in the Marine Corps—where he served for four years—Frank is as tough as they come. It’s that unstoppable one-two punch of strength and sensitivity that he helps his clients find for themselves so that they can become unstoppable too.

Frank specializes in helping clients transcend their egos so that they can confront—and push past—what’s holding them back, not only in love, but by extension, also in life. He helps clients find that most important love of all, self love, and he coaches them in the irresistable art of storytelling.

During a three-year apprenticeship, Frank proved himself to be one of David’s most accomplished protégés and became a master communicator. He is now fully Certified In Energy Leadership and Relationship Coaching, and he has applied David’s teachings to attract abundance to all areas of his life.

Frank coaches at all of David’s boot camps and seminars, from Los Angeles to New York City, working with clients from all over the world.

He lives in the Wygant coaching home in Denver, where Live-in Program clients spend a week transforming into their best selves while learning to attract extraordinary women.

“Frank got me out of my shell and had me engaging on a whole new level with women before I even had time to think about it. This guy is amazing.”

Hudson Valley, NY