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Do You Like Pretty Girls?

I bet you do.

But do you worry about what to say to women or even if she wants to date you before you approach her?

And does all that "monkey chatter" in your head make you agonize over your “opening line”?

Do you walk around with huge REGRET about missing the chance to approach a woman because she is gone by the time you finally think of the "perfect opening line?"

What if you knew a loophole that gave you the power to approach and connect with any girl you want...


...and be able to not only attract her, but fill her with an uncontrollable desire for you?

The truth is, your goal isn’t just to meet her...

It’s to make her so interested in you, so intrigued by meeting you...

So curious about who you are and what it would be like to be with you...

That she can’t stop thinking about you ...

And she has the uncontrollable urge to be near you...

By the time you’re done approaching and connecting with a woman, the look on her face is going to say:

Who is that guy and when is he going to fuck me?

Sexy WomanIf you want to not only approach and connect with beautiful women…

But inspire them to want to date you, to have sex with you…

And possibly more…

If you want to have a different woman every night of the week…

Or if you want that one special girl to have in your life, as your loving, loyal girlfriend …

All without the possibility of failure or rejection…

Then you NEED to read this ENTIRE letter.

What I'm About to Show You Will Keep You
OUT of the "Friend-Zone" for GOOD...

I’m going to show you the secret loophole I've discovered in the female mind...

An incredible discovery — a system of approaching that triggers something called the attraction-sex-love connection that all women have in their DNA.

I'm going to show you how to use the basic primal desires every woman is born with to make her so turned on and create an uncontrollable aching NEED to be near you, she will do anything to be with you.

Beautiful WomenShe will hunt you down.

If you think you can handle that, then stay with me all the way through to the end.

I promise you by the end of this letter, not only will you be able to approach, meet and trigger the attraction-sex-love connection with any girl you want...

No matter how hot she is or how many guys hit on her.

BUT you will also have the POWER to inspire her, force her to keep thinking about you long after you’ve gone...

...and to set off in her a desperate need ... out of control desire to see you again, to get close to you so strong she will be helpless to resist!

The "Biological Super-Highway" to Sex, Love & Attraction

Meeting men and women isn't merely something we want. For both men AND women, it's hardwired into our DNA, because it's part of the mating process that is one of our 3 primal needs (besides food & water).

So for women, attraction is NOT a choice. It's a biological response to stimulation.

It's the way you walk over to her...

It's what you say to her (and more importantly, how you say it)...

It's the way you touch her...

...that triggers a biological, involuntary reaction — a primal signal to her brain that goes all the way back to caveman times...

...and leaves her undeniably and irresistibly wanting more of you!

Wouldn't YOU like to be able to approach beautiful women
with 100% CERTAINTY that you are going to be successful?

Of course now you're thinking, “Come on, David. What guy wouldn’t WANT to be able to do that? Hell, that’s impossible. Nobody can do that, let alone in just 5 minutes.”

I'm sure that's what you're thinking to yourself, because that's exactly what I used to think.

That it was impossible.

In fact, I use to live my whole life with the word "impossible."

The man I wanted to be, the girls I wanted to meet and have sex with, the women I wanted to have as my girlfriend, was "impossible."

I lived my life never pushing the boundaries, never challenging myself to see what I could accomplish if I stepped outside my comfort zone.

Because I was convinced it was just impossible.

But then something happened...

I stumbled across this secret loophole that few men know about: the biological super-highway to attraction that goes all the way back to our evolution.

It changed my life into something way past my wildest fantasies.

It got me interviewed on Nightline when they saw me use it in Whole Foods.

And today, I'm going to give you access to this knowledge, which will change your life in ways you never thought possible.

Are you ready?


77 Bulletproof Approaches

77 of the BEST Cut & Paste Approaches GUARANTEED
to Leave ANY Woman Salivating for More of You...

In 4 action-packed volumes of video & audio, you will get the EXACT recipe for triggering the biological super-highway to ANY woman's attraction response— her attraction-love-sex connection.

Step-by-step, with me coaching you on EVERY approach, EVERY step of the way....

In fact, not just coaching you on all 77 approaches, but breaking them down...

...with a panel of gorgeous women — the ones who are approached in this program, who give you their feedback, their insight, their criticism, and the keys to success from a woman's point of view.

Oh, and the Best Part?

  • You DON'T need money or a nice car
  • You DON'T need to be good-looking
  • You DON'T need to be particularly charming
  • You DON'T need pickup lines or any hocus pocus

Here's Just Some of What You'll Get Access To:

The Approach

Volume 1Imagine losing the self-defeating monkey-chatter in your head forever…

When you go over like a man she’ll automatically give you her full attention and starts thinking about you sexually.

You’ll lose the fear of approach forever and never be put in the Friend Zone again. Heads will turn when you walk across a room.

You will be the one guy women always welcome with a warm smile and hang on every word you say.

The Conversation

Volume 1You will understand how to keep it simple and playful so that she automatically thinks of you as "boyfriend material" and she has the urge to spend more time with you.

You will know, word-for-word, what to say to a woman in any situation with women — even "perfect 10s" and women you've always thought were "out of your league."

You will say ALL the right things and direct the conversation so that she reacts the way YOU want her to. And you get exactly what you want!

The Body Language

Volume 1Men and women are born to have sex. When you copy my body language you’ll be able to watch her thinking about having sex with you.

When you take charge, she will assume the submissive role and automatically craves your attention.

I'll teach you how and when to touch her, when to be aggressive, when to pull back, and so much more...

Flirting? Check.

Getting her number? Check.

Escalating sexually? Double check.

Making a date?

When to leave (and when to stay)? Check, check, check mate.

You’ll never miss another opportunity with a hot girl.

How to move her into a submissive posture. So she assumes you’re in charge.

How to Respond to Her Words & Emotions

Volume 1Everything you need to know to respond to her in the perfect way.

Everything you need to do to get her to give you exactly what you want.

To leave her wanting more of you, to be so curious, she is desperate to know who the hell you are.

Desperate to be yours, to let you pick her up, take her home and f*ck her brains out.

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Radical Authenticity

BONUS! Radical Authenticity

This mega-bonus is going to make the 77 Bulletproof Approaches program feel like it's on steroids...

...and it's not available for sale ANYWHERE else — just here.

Women are magnetically drawn to confident, authentic men who speak their minds, and Radical Authenticity will do just that.

It will inject you with uber-confidence that will have the most beautiful women drooling and wondering why you haven’t approached them yet!

The Power of Disney

BONUS! The Power of Disney

The power of what? Disney?

That's right. Because all women grow up wanting to be a princess — and they all have fantasies about meeting their prince.

This 90 Minute audio (a $49 value) value will give YOU the unique insight on exactly how women are wired and show you how to use this wiring to connect with them instantly, so that you will be the Prince they’ve been dreaming of their whole lives!

After I download this information into your subconsciousness, you will understand exactly how a woman wants to be triggered, so that she becomes obsessed with the idea of you!

BONUS! 10-Day FREE Trial of The Slight Edge Society (OPTIONAL)

Listen, I know you came here to learn about dating. To learn about sex and attracting and approaching the women you desire. But you know what? I'm about so much more than that. You see, you can apply these same principles and be successful in so much more than your dating life. I'm talking about TOTAL success in EVERY area of your life. Health. Wealth. Mindset. All of it.

And that's why I created The Slight Edge Society — an exclusive community of likeminded men & women who are dedicated to improving their lives just a little bit each day. Because I truly believe that, whether we're talking about attraction or money or health, the difference between a winner or a loser is just that slight edge.

Members of The Slight Edge Society get a ton of amazing bonuses:

Weekly Videos

Every week, I will introduce you to my personal network of leaders in all fields, from love to wealth to health. I've spent the last 20 years working in the personal development industry and my contacts are like a who’s who in all of the above — and I am going to give you access to the people you've always wanted to meet and learn from but were never able to connect with.

Here's just a taste of what I'll expose you to:

  • Health tips to live a longer life
  • Cutting-edge business strategies that enable you to increase your income
  • Wealth-building strategies
  • Dating & relationship advice that will help you on the path for love
  • Techniques for expanding your network to become a leader and a social magnet
  • Secrets from world leaders on how to manifest the life you desire

Monthly Webcast Calls

You will also have the opportunity to jump on a one-hour webcast with me at 6 p.m. PST on the last Tuesday each month where we will explore and go over in finer detail what we are all working on and what you've been exposed to that month.

But more importantly, these calls give you direct & exclusive access to me. You will be able to ask me questions during the calls based on specific things that pertain to your life, from dating to health and success.

Monthly Product Downloads

I have thousands — literally thousands — of unreleased products that Slight Edge Society members will get EXCLUSIVE access to each month.

That's right. A free product every month that will give you the chance to expand on what you've learned in the monthly webcasts and video modules and put techniques into practice that will accelerate your personal growth in these areas.

Our Annual Mastermind Day Retreat

As a member of the Slight Edge Society, you will be invited to an exclusive yearly retreat: the Slight Edge Mastermind Day. Because as a member, I want to give you the chance to connect with like-minded people. At this retreat, you will be able to network, meet other members, and of course just have a great time!

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But that's not all! Slight Edge Society members also get 10% off ALL coaching programs that I offer. That includes:

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...and ANY other coaching program I offer on my website!

With this free bonus, you will be receiving a 10 day free trial to The Slight Edge Society, where you will receive exclusive members-only videos, downloads, and webcast coaching sessions. You can cancel at anytime through our 24-Hour Help Desk. If you decide you want to continue as a subscriber, you will be billed $49.95 every month and continue to receive these AMAZING, exclusive bonuses each month.

This bonus is completely optional and you'll be able to "accept" or "deny" it on the checkout page.

Listen to How 77 Bulletproof Approaches
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"If I knew that approaching and meeting hot girls was going to be so easy I would have gotten in touch with you years ago!"

David, Man! If I knew that approaching and meeting hot girls was going to be so easy I would have gotten in touch with you years ago! I have struggled for so freakin’ long with the monkey chatter, the self doubt and basically every other part of approach anxiety. Seriously though, I can’t thank you enough for 77 (my new favorite number) you made one (formerly) lonely guy real happy!

— Eli

"You changed my life!"

Hey Dave my man, you changed my life!

I never did well with girls before. I would see them everywhere but never had the guts to actually talk to them. I can’t believe how things for me have changed. All I did was copy exactly what you did. And it worked. I even used the same conversation sometimes! Crazy stuff. I still live with my parents but I’m never there because I spend almost every night out with a different girl. Peace out.

— Mike

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Paste" Approaches Can Be YOURS
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Each approach I give you is 100% GUARANTEED to work — so just imagine what life's going to be like for you once you get your hands on this...

  • No more regret because you missed your chance with a beautiful woman!
  • Having the power to attract someone new everyday, any place and anytime you want.
  • Never again hesitating or ejecting yourself from a conversation — you'll become a closer when it comes to women.

What's something like that worth to you?

Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

Well, luckily for you, you won't have to pay anywhere near that.

When I first created this program, it sold for $297, but...

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Because I want you to have this. And you NEED to have this.

I don't want you to go what I went through. I don't want you to be okay with being "average." I don't want you to think it's impossible to approach certain women, because guess what? IT'S NOT. And these approaches PROVE that fact.

So, for just $79, this PROVEN step-by-step system can be yours — just a little over $1 per approach!

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You are part of a small, private test group but you have to be willing to claim your spot right now.

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And that’s it. The price returns to $297.

Get 77 Bulletproof Approaches for Just $79
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And listen — you have NOTHING to lose. Because, and this might sound absolutely crazy, your purchase is protected by my iron-clad industry-best 60-Day "Get More Dates" Guarantee!

Take 60 Days — yep, 2 full months — to implement the strategies and techniques in 77 Bulletproof Approaches, and if after implementing them* you aren't getting MORE dates in 60 days than you got in the last year, I'll refund every red cent you paid for this product.

Yes, I do mean MORE dates in just 2 months than you've had in the entire year before... and that's what I'm 100% confident you will experience this once you utilize the techniques I teach you!

This a WHOPPER of a Guarantee ... but I'm really THAT confident in 77 Bulletproof Approaches!

*Because this is an "action-based" guarantee, to request a refund simply send me an email telling me which technique(s) you implemented and describe what happened that left you unsatisfied. I do this simply to protect myself from the 1% of you out there who are dishonest and are trying to scam me. For the rest of you, trust me, once you go through this product and change your life, the only thing you'll be thinking about is why you didn't find this sooner...

Listen, I want to be clear with you. You came here today for a reason. You are at a crossroads.

Your life can go one way or the other today. It’s not an accident that you are here right now.

If you want to sit in your fear and not take action, then it was nice talking to you and I wish you luck.

But if you’re ready to change, to break free from the fear that’s holding you back, all you have to do is download your copy of now and the rest will happen so fast and is so easy it will blow your mind.

When you take action & invest in yourself, you will:

  • Gain EXCLUSIVE access to the one & only step-by-step guide for triggering any woman's attraction-love-sex connection.
  • STOP letting fear, regret & "approach anxiety" rule your life and your behavior around women.
  • Have confidence like you never knew possible.
  • Be able to approach ANY woman — even supermodels and women you previously thought were "out of your league" — and intuitively know what to say & how to act.
  • Be "THAT guy" that all other men envy — because you can attract & close women they're too afraid to even look at!

Get 77 Bulletproof Approaches for Just $79
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Invest in yourself.

It’s time for you to grab life by the balls and have the life you want. Meet the girls you want.

Approach and attract them, create desire in them and have sex with them.

Whenever you want.

For the rest of your life.

This is your moment.

Grab 77 Bulletproof Approaches now before it disappears — don't miss your chance! It’s the only one you’ll get for this kind of life.

I'll see you inside.

Your coach,

David Wygant

P.S. — Every second you wait, the odds are good you will do nothing. No one has ever succeeded in ANYTHING by waiting and refusing to act. Success requires investment — investment in time, energy and money. And most importantly, success requires action, so act right now while it's fresh in your mind!

P.P.S. — Remember, you have 60 days to see this program in action. And if you think I'm full of it, call my bluff... but I'm 100% confident this will work for you. This program is backed by 20+ years of research, coaching & in-field approaches, and it's changed the life of every man who's bought it. Now it's your turn.

Get 77 Bulletproof Approaches for Just $79
Before This Offer Disappears Forever!