I’m going to tell you right now that nobody should ever force you to have a conversation that you’re not ready for, because that’s the worst time to have a conversation.

I know it’s frustrating sometimes when you really want to talk to somebody and really work things out.

Could be work, could be personal, doesn’t make a difference. I know when you’re ready to communicate and you really want to talk to somebody. You just want to have the conversation ASAP, but the worst time to have a conversation is actually when you force the person to have the conversation.

I know me, personally, if I’m not ready to have a conversation and someone’s forcing me into the conversation, whatever the conversation might be about, I’m not fully going to listen, I’m going to be angry, I may say things I regret, I may do things I regret.

So how do we acknowledge this? Because it’s something that’s really important to acknowledge.

How do we acknowledge this?

How do we know? Well, it’s very easy. You just have to tell them in person that I don’t want to communicate with you, not that I don’t want to talk about this issue, I’m just not there right now. I’m not ready to talk about it. And I have found in my life that when I am forced into having conversations that I’m not ready for and I haven’t fully processed it, I can say things that are really stupid, hurtful – I just don’t want to do that with you. I highly respect you as a person, I respect our relationship and I’d rather have a solution when I’m ready for it. I’m not pushing you off.

I’m not avoiding it. I’m just not ready for it right now. Give me a little bit of time.

If the communication is the key to life, it’s the key to happiness, it’s the key to authenticity, it’s the key to just about everything.

But sometimes we’re just not ready for conversation because we need to go through and process things.

And there’s really nothing wrong with that at all, to communicate that with somebody.

And then that way, you can have that conversation when you are ready and when you’re open and you’re ready to receive the words and ready to receive the actions and ready to receive the solution.

It’s some really good advice that I’ve taken with myself because there are just some times that I can’t function. I just get all out of sorts and I’m not ready to have any type of conversation at all. So I stay in my cave and I stay in my space and then let me tell you, when I am ready to show back up, I actually can listen. I don’t react. I’m not frustrated at all.

It’s amazing, just knowing that about myself. And that’s why I wanted to guide you today and give you some of that wisdom, because it really can help you, especially when it comes down to solutions because when you’re able to really clearly speak to somebody and clearly share with them what you’re feeling, you’re going to be much more solution-orientated than anything else. Because when you have a conversation that you’re not ready for, words will be said, things will be said and then you’ll have to have another conversation with apologies and then you’ll have to have another conversation with them about how they can’t speak to you about anything and then you have to have another conversation about how whenever they have something personal to share with you, you don’t really listen and instead of just having two conversations, you’ll end up having 10 conversations and you’ll start to build the animosity between two people. It’s the best way to really have communication.