I was doing an interview with my friend Nicole Moore, who I just love. I asked her about the relationship she’s in right now.

Nicole is a highly evolved beautiful woman who’s done a lot of work on herself. One of the reasons she did a lot of work on herself was so she would be able to find incredible love.

She said something that really resonated with me. I told her I would keep the inspiration and write about it for all of you.

It’s called Team Us or Team You and Me. Ra ra for us.

She said something that hit home with me.

Team Us.

No matter what happens, no matter what conflict is going on in a relationship, the end result should always be Team Us.

You never want to break the Team Us bond. You never want to break that bond between the two of you no matter what happens. Work, the children, everything else, you need to keep the end result in mind.

It’s all about staying a team.

Whether there’s conflict or drama or tension or whatever it might be, you need to realize that you’re on the same team. It got me thinking even more.

It’s almost like the New England Patriots.

It doesn’t matter who Tom Brady is throwing to. As a matter of fact, he’s thrown to some very bad receivers over the years. It doesn’t matter who Bill Belichick has running the football. It doesn’t matter who’s playing defense for the Patriots.

They all buy into the same thing. The power of teamwork.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are going to go down as probably the most successful coach and quarterback team in the history of the NFL, all because of the power of Team Us.

It’s amazing but true.

It’s simple yet powerful, and it’s something that all of us tend to forget about over time, the power of Team Us.

All we have is us. When we build and work as a team, and we have a system that works, that we implement into our relationships, we’re always going to be aligned with each other.

Whether there is conflict or opponents who come flying in, whatever happens, we’re going to stay together because we believe in the power of Team Us.team-us

I think of my relationships that did not work out. I do not use the word fail because they did not work out due to the teamwork between the two people. That’s right. The teamwork between two people caused my relationships to not work out.

Team Us didn’t really work.

As a matter of fact, Us was never a big thing.

It was always me against them, two separate individuals, whatever it might be and each relationship was different. But Team Us is what all of us need to have when we get involved in a relationship.

It’s the power of connecting, the power of actually becoming a couple.

When you buy in, you are committed to that person. No matter what ugliness passes either from the outside world, or between the two of you, you are still a team.

It’s like they say in The Godfather, ‘don’t ever take sides with someone outside the family.’

You’re a family. It doesn’t matter if you’re married or not. You are a couple.

Aha, Team Us.