If you are someone who can’t handle the truth, then I suggest you click on AOL homepage and read a fluff article about dating.

I’m in Detroit this weekend coaching a client, and we were out tonight at a bar on Lake St. Clair. Let’s set the scene right . . .

There were women over the age of thirty, very sexually aware, that spent the day drinking beer, laying in the sun, and thinking about dick. The only problem is that most men lack the balls to walk over, flirt, listen to them, and carry on a conversation so that the women can act upon their raw, sexual desires that they were flaunting all night at Jack’s.

Guys – wake up!!! Women want dick so bad, that they’re willing to look past your social retardation. Men don’t understand that women crave sex after a long hot day of drinking beer and laying in the sun as much, if not more, than men.

Women, when they talk sex with their friends, go over every single detail from how big you are to how good you are with your tongue. (Click Here and I’ll tell you all about the naughty conversations I overheard women having when I was a teenager in Scarsdale.)

Women, when they have sexual fantasies, use battery-operated toys as they lay in their bed thinking about a man that they met or a man they want to meet and how he would feel inside of them.

So here I am at this bar tonight, and four women were looking at me like a piece of steak on the grill. As I walked by they licked their lips, smiled at me, and said hello.

This was after they had stared directly at me for twenty straight minutes. If interested, all I had to do was walk over and talk to her.

How would I have closed the deal tonight, and not ruined it like most men do? I would walk over with edge and I would bust her with: “You haven’t stopped staring at me all night long. Let’s cut through the BS. I’ll share with you one secret if you share with me one secret.”

Some of you right now will read this and say “there’s no way this will work” because you live in fear. So you won’t even try it.

You’ll just dismiss this immediately because it’s so far removed from anything you’ve ever done. But everything you’ve ever done has never given you the results you desire.

Guys – Women love dick. They love it, they crave it, they desire it.

They buy toys in the shape of your dick. They fantasize about a strong, confident man having sex with them. If they don’t find it in the bar that night after a day in the sun, they’re online on a dating site cruising and looking.

What do you think women do at 11:00 p.m.? What do you think they’re really thinking?

They’re thinking about having sex and connecting with a man. Some of them are just horny and want dick. Some of them just want to feel love, romance and passion.

Hey guys . . . I don’t do this for my health. I already know and understand women. I do this because I want you to know and understand women better.

So how do you get laid tonight? How do you not screw it up so a woman gets her dick?

This we’ll go over more in an upcoming podcast. For now, think about what I said. Process it. Because this blog is going to be all about real, hard-hitting, no-BS advice.

Love it or hate it, this is who I am and this is what I’m all about.