I’m going to tell you something flat out why sometimes you’re asinine.  Google it if you don’t know the meaning.

The system is set up to protect you from yourself.

Whatever system you choose, we’re all literally seeking systems in our lives.

I’ve transitioned into becoming a trader, so I seek systems that would teach me how to trade.  Every mistake that I have made in trading so far is because I have not followed the rules of the system that I seeked out.

You see, the people who sell the system are selling systems based on years of them doing whatever it is they’re doing and all the trial and error they went through. You literally could avoid all the mistakes in this system.  That’s how beautiful systems are, but yet, in life, we really are asinine because of this system, and the majority of people who buy a course won’t listen to it.

Courses make us feel good, so immediately we feel motivated.  We listen to bits and pieces of information and teaching and then we don’t follow it, and then we go back to our usual selves.  That’s why we’re asinine.  You see, systems are there to protect ourselves from ourselves.  If you want to make a major change in your life, you get the system that resonates with you, and you follow it to a T.  You trust it.  So many of us spend so much time thinking about systems that they’re not going to work for us.  We’re going to be the one exception to the rule that the system isn’t going to work for.

Isn’t that asinine?  I’ve been talking a lot about systems right now, because I’m somebody who never believed in them, and now all of a sudden I’m in a business that is fully 100% systems.  I sell systems, but it doesn’t mean that I follow them, because I’m more intuitive, because I don’t really learn anything from my courses because my courses I’ve already done, I’ve already lived it.  I can go meet anybody, I can talk to anybody that I want, and I put it all in a system for you guys to easily follow.  I don’t need to follow it because I’m following it intuitively right now.  I’m living it.  But when you want to learn something new, whatever it might be, you need to go and find the person that resonates with you most, and you need to follow their system to a T.  When you follow their system to a T and you continue to watch the videos.

Or continue to work out.

Or you continue to eat right. What happens is you start realizing that the system actually works.

You’ll have days where you slip up.  Let’s say all of a sudden you’re on this diet plan, and you slip up and eat some stuff that’s really bad for you.  Touch the scale, and you weigh more than you wanted to weigh, and you get upset and you realize, wait a second, I’m an asshole.

I went against the system that was given to me.  The system was actually working.  I went back to what wasn’t working, literally touching the hot plate once again, and then all of a sudden having to go and relearn it all over again.  That’s what we do sometimes.

There are foods that aren’t good for us.  Once we start eating the foods that are good for us, that’s a new food system.  We go back to the old food, and all of a sudden we gain weight and feel lousy.  What happens?  We went against the system.

This isn’t regimented way of life.  This is living a more fulfilled life.  This is living a life that’s actually going to satisfy you on way deeper levels.

You see, when you trust the system, you’ll no longer go back to the things that didn’t work for you.  So, whatever you’re trying to change, and I know all of us are constantly trying to change and evolve.  That’s what we’re doing as human beings.  We’re in a constant state of evolution, in a constant state of evolving, and a constant state of change.  You need to ask yourself.

Do you have the right mentors in your life?  Yes or no.

Is there a system in place for you to make changes, because without a defined system in place, you will not be able to make the necessary changes for success.

Are you following that system to a T?  Are you trusting it?

When you slip up and you do not trust the system, what happens to you?

For those of you that are losing weight, do you gain weight?  Do you feel lousy?

Those of you that are trying to build a business, do you lose some money because you didn’t follow the system?

You see, systems are set up for success, and the reason why only 10% of the people succeed in whatever they’re doing is because those 10% of the people have followed the system from the people who already made the mistakes.

It’s giving in.  It’s letting go.  It’s letting go of ego, it’s letting go, and it’s placing full trust into something that’s so new.  It’s when your major growth happens to come. Think about that today, whatever system you’re doing.  And I have many systems in place for my life, for my health, my wealth, and it’s amazing to follow it.