Recently, a woman e-mailed me and said,

“David, I don’t understand. I’ve been dating this married guy for awhile. He says he’s splitting with his wife, yet, every time I ask him, he makes up some other excuse about why he hasn’t moved out of the house yet. Today’s excuse was all about the economy and how he can’t really afford another place right now, and they’re coexisting under the same roof for the sake of the kids. 

I’m confused.” 

. . .

dating a married man david wygantHere’s the deal:

Let’s say you meet a man, and he’s married, and he tells you he’s splitting up with his wife but lives under the same roof. You might hear that and take it literally, but this is what he really means:

“I find you hot. I don’t screw my wife anymore, we stopped having sex a while ago. I’m not going to leave her because I’m too much of a pussy, but you know what? I definitely want to have sex with you. So I’m going to tell you whatever I need to tell you in order to get you to believe that I’m an available man.”

Read that statement again.

Why would you ever date a married man? They all use the same excuse and the same story; that they’re ‘in the process of leaving’ their wife.

They’ll use the economy; telling you that things are rough right now and they couldn’t move out of the house because they just can’t afford to have two homes.

They’ll make any excuse in the book just to string you along. Because the bottom line is: they’re wimps and they’re not going to leave their wife. They’re either too scared to be alone, or they just want you as a fling.

If you ever meet a man that’s married, you need to say this to him:

“Hey, I find you really fascinating and interesting, but I don’t date men that have prior commitments. So, when you do leave your wife, I’ll come over to your new place. I’ll cook you dinner, we’ll hang out and we’ll get to know one another.”

That’s what you say to a married man.

Don’t fall for his story. I’ve seen these unfold a thousand times before. 90% of the time, the man never ends up leaving, and you just end up getting pissed at yourself, that you ended up hanging out with a married guy that promised you the world and delivered nothing but sex.