Happiness kid david wygantI’m about to share something with you that’s very personal.

I’m not perfect.

I will never be perfect, nor will you.

I teach what I’m most passionate about, making men and women the most incredible version of themselves.

But it’s so much deeper than just picking up women.

It’s about choosing happiness every single day.

See, I used to be someone that chose to live life with unhappiness. I would hear about a friend’s success, whether business or with women, and then become deeply upset with myself. I would be pissed that I don’t have what they had.

I didn’t have the babe.

I didn’t have the money.

Instead of choosing happiness and congratulating my friend for his success, I was passive aggressive and be angry at myself.

I’ve learned that that’s one of the most self-destructive behaviors, because the universe will never reward you with total happiness until you give it out to everybody unconditionally.

You choose the experiences in your life based on how you feel.

So if you want happiness, then choose to be happy.

Every day, I choose happiness. If a friend of mine has a greater business success than I, instead of getting competitive and thinking, “Why couldn’t I do that?” I now choose to be happy for him. I embrace his success, and I say to myself, “I’m happy for him because he’s happy.”

I choose happiness.

I choose happiness every single day, because that’s what life is all about.

How are you are going to choose happiness today?