Do you walk the walk or just talk the memes?

Here’s what I am seeing a lot of lately in my work with clients and people I am running into:

The more evolved somebody says they are, the greater chance they’re not going to follow through.

Words are great. They’re self-soothing, almost like pacifiers for adults to make themselves feel better. You can say what you want. You can read great things and post amazing quotes on social media.

love quotes and memesYou say things like you are ready to find love and its important to you.

But I think when opportunity presents itself, the more wordy people are, the less chance they’re going to take action.

To me, action is everything. Words mean nothing. Which is funny because my love of language is words of affirmation and a physical touch, so I’m a sucker for words.

I hear somebody craft and say beautiful things and immediately my heart starts to beat. I want to believe them because I’m a sucker for words.

But I’m seeing an all-over consciousness where it seems like the more evolved people are in their posts and words, the less chance they actually take action.

Do You Take Action or Run?

I want you to take a look at the words you say or post every single day. And then I want all of you to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.

Do your words match your actions? Or when it’s time to follow through, do you run and go the other direction?

Most people get the relationship they think they deserve. They leave the relationship they most desire on the table called life.

When something presents itself that they desire, there’s this unconscious loop that’s going on inside a person’s mind that literally says wait a second, you don’t really deserve that.

Do Your Philosophies in Life Come From Memes?

Today I want you to take a look at the words, the self-talk, the self-love you’ve practiced.

Look at the things you post on Facebook – the memes, the statements, the things that resonate with you – and ask yourself this:

Do you actually live your life based on the words that inspire your life? And if not, what fears are stopping you from being what you desire and crave? Are you the most powerful version of yourself?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic today and no judgement at all, it’s just an open conversation.