Here’s a quick tip today ladies, for the way men think.

We don’t read into everything.

If we send you a text that says, “Let’s meet later”, that text actually means, “let’s meet later”.

If we tell you, “Hey today doesn’t work for me”, it actually means, “today doesn’t work for me.”

There is no need to read between the lines or overanalyze the statements.

There is no need to think, “Hmm, today doesn’t work for him. What does that mean? Do you think I need to chase him; does he want me to chase him? Is he playing a game?”

We don’t overanalyze and read into things at all.

It is important for you to know that when you’re in relationships with us. We tend to speak exactly what we feel.

Sometimes it drives you nuts because we might tell you something and it is not a long enough paragraph. We feel in sentences, you want us to feel in paragraphs. You want us to actually feel in monologues.

But in reality, we just state things very clearly with no reading between the lines.

“Reading between the lines.” That is a woman’s phrase. And it is a beautiful woman’s phrase. It’s what makes the sexes different.

But don’t put your traits on us, especially when you’re in a relationship with us.

It’s funny, I just told a woman this the other day. She said something to me and I said, “Don’t woman-trait me.” And she started laughing. And when I said that, it actually clarified what I said to her very, very quickly.

So the next time you wonder what a man is thinking, ask him. He’ll probably repeat the same sentence over and over again until you finally realize that there’s no lines to read between, he really is black and white like that.