sex and what men wantI have to share something with all of you.

At this point in my life, women are great muses for me. I love female energy. I think it’s great to be around. I always feel very stimulated. I like to bounce ideas off women, because they give me a completely different perspective. I also think you’re a f*%king crazy.

So here’s the thing I need to share…

I don’t need to come again and again. Neither do any of the guys of my age. I was talking to a bunch of friends the other day. Guys in my age range. One of them was telling us about the experience he had with this woman recently.

They had sex on a Monday night. It was great. He had an orgasm. It was fantastic. The next morning they woke up and started fooling around again. She got him to come again. He thought to himself. “Wait a second. You’re 40 years old. You can come like 100 times. You’re in your sexual prime. Me… I’m 49 years old. Once is plenty!”

We all sat around laughing because it’s so true. That’s the misalignment of the sexes.

You Don’t Need To Turn Him On Over And Over

You see at my age right now, if I have sex with a woman, once is fine. I’m happy as can be. I came. It’s great. I’m not in my sexual prime like you are. I don’t need to come 75 times like you do.

When I was in my sexual prime, you didn’t want me to come as much as I could. You were dealing with Catholic guilt. You were dealing with all types of other stuff. You weren’t even giving me blowjobs at that time if you didn’t want to have sex. You were making me wait two to three days sometimes because you were not in your sexual prime. So now it’s literally pay back.

Let me tell you something, guys in their 40’s and 50’s, we have good sex for a couple hours then we’re beat the next day. We’re wiped out. Our testosterone is low. I don’t need it.

Give me a few days to recoup then I’m fine. I can go down on you and give you a party down there, but you don’t need to worry about me. I’m okay. I can eat you and make you come 14 times if that’s what you want the very next morning, but you don’t need to worry about me. I like to recharge.

I like my testosterone running through my body. It helps me be creative. It helps me make money during the day. It was funny sitting around because when we were all younger we were friends, and we all talked how we wanted to get laid and women weren’t laying us enough. Now women over 35 who are in the sexual prime of their life, want it all the time and men can’t keep up with it.

They want to keep going and going. They want sex in morning. They want sex in the afternoon. They want sex at night. I don’t. I’m exhausted. I want to carve my day out in the morning. I want to work out at noon. I want to make money in the afternoon.

Then at night I want to cuddle and snuggle just like you wanted to cuddled and snuggle in your 20’s. I remember in my 20s when I was gyrating against your back and you said all you wanted to do was cuddle. I was thinking to myself, we haven’t had sex in like 3 days. Now you’re doing the gyrating against me. I go to spoon you, I go to hold your body, and you start moaning and groaning and gyrating against the air. Wow… we are misaligned and that’s God’s gift of humor!

We never ever should have been this misaligned. The way our sexes are now.

So what do you do now?  What do you do knowing this information, knowing that men can’t keep up with you sexually?

No man’s ever going to admit it to you.  Most men are going to take Viagra to try to keep up.  In reality, these men are sitting at their desks falling asleep, drinking coffee all afternoon just to stay alert and awake. So what do you do?

Well, you need to realize how his body is wired at that age, and you need to tell him that you’re perfectly okay if you cuddle or snuggle some nights. You’re perfectly okay if you can bring other things into it like oral sex.

You can tell him how much you love to be pleased or when he pleases you and if he tells you that he doesn’t need anything afterwards, be satisfied with it.  Say okay, that’s wonderful.

“Great, you just pleased me tonight, it really is beautiful that you pleased me and I don’t have to do anything.”

You’ve got to understand the person that you are dealing, with, otherwise the same battle that we went through when you were this 23 year old, neurotic, Catholic guilt ridden girl that basically drove us crazy that we were gyrating against in the middle of the night and having no acknowledgement, will happen all over again.

Do you remember those days?

When we woke up in the morning and we show you our erection?

You’d look at it and say, “I’ve seen your boner before.”

Then you’d go to work and ignore us for the next three or four days?  It’s the same exact thing.  So you need to realize where we’re at in our lives, both of us do. You need to realize that and have expectations of your lover from the get go.

You need to communicate your sexual desires from the get go. And you need to understand that the two of you are in a relationship.  As always, it’s all about communication!