I’m going to ask you a question, a direct question right now.

Do you love your life?

A simple yes or no answer would be sufficient right now.

Because I’m going to tell you right now, even though I have made many mistakes, even though I never bought I bought the house I should have bought.

Even though I’ve dated some of the wrong women.

Even though I’ve lost money in ventures.

Everyday I wake up and I say to myself, I love my life.

I have the most amazing friends.

People who believe in me.

People who support me.

People who listen to who I am.

People who challenge me to be better and give me advice, not just trying to sugarcoat me, but to actually give me real advice. Advice that will help my life. Advice that will help me in situations.

My friends are unbelievable. I get myself in a mess or a jam, I can be honest and open with them, and tell them I fucked up. And they will sit there and not make me feel worse than I already do. They will just listen and find a solution with me.

I have a beautiful daughter.

Even though I don’t get to see her as much as I want (no fault of mine)…

I still make the most of all of the time until I get to see her more. Until I allow what’s in process to unfold, so I will get to be around my daughter a lot more. I can see her blossom even more. I get to guide a beautiful little girl to become the most amazing version of herself. That’s the passage and the right of being a great dad.

I love my life.

Is my life perfect? No, nobody’s life is perfect.

Do I love where I live? Eh, I like it.

It suits me.

Not everything I like about it, it’s ungodly expensive now.

It’s stressful at times due to all of the traffic.

Everyone in love with the weather gets a little annoying.

But on a whole, this is where my life is.

For the first time, I realize that I truly desire roots and home.

I never committed to Los Angeles for a lot of different reasons. I always had a reason.

Even though I’ve always had amazing friends here, and a pretty amazing life here, I never committed to it here because, well, I’ve always been a bigger, better deal guy.

I always thought there would be something bigger and better that would show up. Maybe another place that was more fun.

Maybe live all over the world.

I never could commit, because I never wanted to commit, because I had no reasons to commit, because I’ve pretty much avoided commitment my entire life. I have been accused of one foot in and one foot out in every relationship I have ever been in as an adult.

I know why, because the childhood that I had. They way everything went down in my childhood. I was always on the run. I decided five years ago, when I split from my daughter’s mother, I was no longer going to run. I was going to figure this all out. No more running, no more rope a dope.

No more hiding.

Now I just want nothing but roots. Nothing but a home.

Could be because I have met somebody amazing.

Those feeling always come about when you meet somebody who is amazing.

But I think it was coming even before I met her. It was coming and it’s been coming for a while. I was exhausting myself running, and I started appreciating just about everything in my life. Having complete gratitude for my friends, for my life, for my business, everything. Things became clearer when you are in full gratitude. When you’re in full gratitude is when life gives you the greatest rewards.

I love my life. I’d like to help you get to that point in your life, where you love your life as well, because we only have one life, and stealing the line from the show Billions, we only have one life, live it.