online flirtingOh my god, has David Wygant gone mad?

You hear me complaining all the time, vexing and bitching about the iPhone.

How many times do you see a woman out and about, with her head buried in her phone, checking out a Facebook feed or just checking out what a friend texted?

Whenever you go out at night, you see groups of women looking at their phones. Think about the last time you were in an elevator. How many people were looking at their phones?

The last time you were in line at Starbucks. How many people were looking at their phones?

That’s right. The phone is incredible antisocial device. Just ask yourself the next time you go to a gym when a woman is plugged into her earphones listening to music instead of being open to conversation. But the phone is an incredible tool to flirt with, especially the iPhone. There’s so many things you can do, I call it the ‘flirt phone’.

Now a phone, when used in the right way can be one of the greatest things for your social life. I’m going to walk you through this. First, there’s dating apps on a phone. You could be sitting alone, in a restaurant. There’s no one around, you’ve looked. There’s nobody to talk to. You can cruise through Tinder, OKCupid, Hinge, every online dating site has an app now.

You could be flirting with women when you’re sitting alone in a restaurant late in the afternoon. Now granted, you need to keep looking up to make sure there’s no real live people, because nothing beats meeting someone one-on-one. But the phone gives you a whole different world.

Flirting By Phone Or Text Message

It’s a flirting tool. You can get your e-mails on your phone. You can text. The phone is an amazing tool to flirt with.  You could be at the office, doing work, and a woman texts you. You can look down, you could be in your cubicle, and you can text her something fun back. Years ago you couldn’t do that. Years ago you had to pick up the phone and everybody in the office had to listen to you talking to some woman on the phone.

You can be out and about and see something really cool that reminds you of this woman you’re dating. You can snap a quick picture and send it to her. Most times you’ll instantly give her an emotional connection back to you. It will remind her of something you guys did together and it will get her thinking about you in the middle of the day.

The new iPhone has voice messaging. You can go to the text bar, press the button, and send a woman a text with your voice.  Ah, the voice. You’re in a meeting. You leave, you run to the bathroom. As you’re running in the bathroom, you say, “Hey, I was in meeting and I was thinking of you, man you drive me nuts. Alright see you later tonight.” Boom, just the sound of your voice is going to send chills down her spine.

Thinking about you is going to make her wild. Hearing your voice in the middle of the day, especially knowing that you are busy and she’s busy.  A lot of times, we can’t pick up the phone because we’re doing something else, we’re working, whatever it might be. To use a phone with modern technology is amazing.

Think about the last time you were out on a Friday night. You were able to text friends and find out what the best place was to meet up. In days past, it was a commitment to a place. Then, you’d hear about it the next day, how Bar Thompson was so much better than the bar you were at. You can be dating somebody and out with your friends, and you want to see her.

Days past, you had to call her, and if she was out and about, she wouldn’t get the message, so you go home. The next morning, she’d call you and say, “Oh, my gosh. I didn’t get that message. I would have loved to have seen you.

Now, all you need to do is send a text. The phone, when used properly, is one of the best devices for your social life. When used improperly, as we all know, the many times I’ve written on the blog, it can block you and cause you to have antisocial behaviors. Use it properly.