No, I don’t have a man crush on Drew Brees nor am I going to have a bromance with him. Here is the scoop on why Drew Brees is the sexiest man in America, and why every single man needs to listen to what he said in his post-game conference.

When asked to what he attributed the Saints’ Super Bowl victory, he basically told the world that he believed in everything the Saints were doing. He believed in his team. He believed in his coach. He believed in the city of New Orleans. He believed in himself.

He said it with such passion and conviction.

He even showed emotion in this speech. At the end of the game, he had his son (maybe ten months old) in his arms. While his son was clueless about what was going on, Drew was not.

His son looked around the stadium like any ten month old would, with a look of “What the hell is going on here?” (Well, that is what he would say if he was talking on an E*Trade commercial). With tears streaming down his face, Drew Brees held his son because, to him, celebrating that moment with his son was more important than anything.

The bottom line is that it is called passion and desire . . . and it shows. The problem that most men have when it comes down to meeting women is that they do not believe in themselves.

They don’t believe in the game plan. I see this every day. I think of myself as the coach and you guys being my team.

I can’t tell you how many times I receive an email that says something like, “You know, I tried that one thing you talked about in one of your programs, but it just doesn’t work for me.” Do you know why it didn’t work for you?

The reason it doesn’t work for you is because you don’t believe in yourself. These principles and techniques work for me every single time, and they work for everyone else who believes.

When your coach tells you what to do, do you do it or do you just over-think things? Sean Payton told Drew Brees what to do. Drew Brees believed in Sean Payton 110% and did everything he was told, because they work together.

It’s called trust. It’s called confidence. It’s called faith, not only in yourself but in the people you go to for advice.

Do you want to be more sexy to women? Become Drew Brees.

Now, I’m not talking about you throwing the ball to Marques Colston in the end zone. I’m talking about living your life full of passion and belief.

Not one time did Drew Brees ever think that the Saints did not have the better team, even when they were down 10-0. You could see it in his eyes. All he wanted was to get back on that field, because he truly believed that the best team was his team.

When you walk over to a woman, do you truly believe that you’re the greatest gift she’ll every experience? Or, do you walk over with your tail between your legs wondering if she likes you and will accept you?

Where is your mindset? Mindset is everything in life.

Without the right mindset, the Saints would not have won the Super Bowl. I talk all about that in yesterday’s blog.

They had the right mindset. They had the right beliefs.

Did the Colts believe that they were the better team? Absolutely. Do the Colts maybe deep down still believe that they’re the better team? Sure, because they believe in themselves too.

Belief is really important. It’s time that you are able to believe in yourself, and that you stop wondering what other people think of you.

Walk over to that woman, as Drew Brees would, and claim her for yourself. Walk over to her and be the most powerful version of Drew Brees that you can be.