There you are. You’ve been practicing your approaches for days. You’re finally ready to go out and start meeting women. You’re confident, you’re focused, and you’re communication skills are honed and ready to get you a girlfriend.

You hit the street and within a few minutes, you see a woman you want to approach. She’s petite, attractive, and more importantly she doesn’t look like she’s going to beat the hell out of any guy who dares talk to her. She starts walking in your direction. You feel a slight hit of adrenaline, as you stand ready to hit her with your best opener.

Just as she gets in front of you, your head drops slightly and your “perfect” opener becomes a wispy and sorry sounding, “Hi. I like your boots.”

Amazingly, this beautiful woman doesn’t fall at your feet. In fact, she doesn’t even look in your direction. Either, she didn’t hear you, or you sounded so weak, she did not intend to respond to you. All you did was throw some “air words” in her direction.

What Are Air Words?

“Air words” are what happens when you hesitate or you’re weak in your approach with a woman. When you’re not sure of yourself or what you’re saying. If you’re not staring right at her, standing tall, and confidently making a statement in her direction, you end up with air words. Guys who spend all day firing off air words, are the same guys who always have people saying, “What? Pardon?” when they speak.

The quickest and easiest way to improve your communication skills and ability to talk to women is to practice two things.

1. Owning your words – Speaking with a strong tonality, with decent volume, and opening your mouth properly when you say something.

2. Working on your body language – Stand in front of a mirror with your head up, your back straight, and your chest out. Look right in the direction of the person you’re talking to and own it. No head dropping, and no talking to the floor.

That’s it. That’s the easiest way to stop women ignoring you. In the video below, I show you this in action and give you another quick exercise to work on your communication skills.