I want to share a story with you. It’s a story that’s plagued me throughout my life. I’ve got a confession today for all of you. I love great sex. But I love great sex where both parties are bringing a lot of creativity to the table. I like highly-aware women, highly orgasmic women, women that have explored their own bodies, women that have had sex and know what they like.

So they’re able to communicate all of that to me when we start talking about sex and having sex. But I also want to share with you a warning sign. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had has been with some of the craziest women I’ve ever met.  I remember there was this one woman that was so supercharged, so orgasmic, so sexual, that when we weren’t together, she would be texting and e-mailing me naked pictures.

These are the days when we had clamshell phones and pictures were not as clear as they are on smartphones. She’d call me masturbating in the middle of my day. I’d think to myself this is a turn-on, but doesn’t she have anything better to do.

I remember another woman that was so crazy that when we had sex for the very first time, she wanted to role play with me. Role playing is kind of fun at times. Never been my big thing. But we role played a master/genie thing. That’s how we met.

I remember she told me that she was a bad genie. I go “Of course you’re a bad genie, that’s why master is here.

She then proceeded to tell me that I needed to slap her. I’m not somebody who is going to slap women. It’s not my thing. So in the middle of sex, she said “Hit me, slap me, I’m a bad girl.”

So what did I do? Well, I gently tapped her.

She said, “That is not what I’m looking for.”

She says “I’ve been a really, really bad girl. You need to slap me harder. “

I couldn’t slap her at all.

Then she said “Please choke me.”

I began to choke her. She then proceeded to ask me to choke harder, so she couldn’t breathe. Game over. She was crazy. She loved sex. But the thing is there’s a price for having sex with crazy, nutty girls. Crazy girls love sex, because it’s the only hook that they have. They’re emotionally unstable. They like a little bit of physicality. They’re emotionally unstable, so they feel like they need to be punished, due to whatever poor relationships they had with their parents, their father, or whatever else.

So the reason why crazy girls are always great in bed is because that’s what they have to be. If they weren’t great in bed, there would be no chance that they would keep a man.  Today’s video explores the world of crazy girls and sex. How to get it if you want it. How to have sex with them if you want. But to learn the warning signs, so you don’t get stuck in one of those dysfunctional, bad relationships.

And unless you’re looking to lay right down on a woman, then I strongly suggest you stay away from the crazy woman.