How many times have you engaged your friends in this conversation?

You’re out with a bunch of your friends one night, away from your significant other.

And the entire evening, the conversation goes like this:

I don’t get why they don’t understand me.  

I tell them what I need, want, desire out of this relationship. But they don’t seem to ever do it.

I don’t understand.

And your poor friends have been to this rodeo before, but they talk it out with you

anyway. They try to boost you up.

“It’s probably a stressful period at work.”

“Things will change.”

“You should just give it some time. It’ll work itself out.”

Sounds really concrete, doesn’t it?

Sounds like a really amazing plan.

The reason why your friends give you this type well-meaning-but-terrible advice is

because they have absolutely no clue what to say.

Not only that, but they also have no idea why you’re still with the person.  

You don’t know exactly why you’re not communicating properly in

your relationships.

You’re constantly arguing about them not understanding you?

They don’t touch you the way you need to be touched?
They don’t make love to you the way you need to be made love (even though you guys have book after book on tantric love)?


You need to know that you have a choice:


  1. Know whether to leave it and feel good about it, or


  1. Understand your partner on such a deeper level that the two of you repair the relationship effortlessly.


Which would you choose?