First Kiss david wygantLet’s talk about the first kiss.

I’ve written a few blog posts about it, but I really want to go deeper into it.

What I’m about to share with you is going to help you feel more relaxed when you’re going out with a woman.

Now, if I feel awkward about the first kiss, it’s because I’m trying to force it.  It’s because it’s not there.

It’s funny, I went out with a woman the other night, and it was sweet, nice, and fun, but the first kiss just wasn’t there at all.

And the reason why is because we just didn’t have the energy between the two of us.

I thought she was hot and I’m sure she was attracted to me too, but we just didn’t have that energy between us that two people need when they’re going to kiss for the first time.

The first kiss should be something that’s simple and easy. It should be there the whole time.

I went out to lunch with a woman last week, and I wanted to kiss her the entire time.

The kiss was there the entire time we were together.  It wasn’t even thought about.  I didn’t think to myself, when should I kiss her?  It was there every second we were together.

You could feel it—you could feel the attraction, energy, and everything between us.

Did we kiss? Sure, a little tiny one at the end. But it was just there the whole time, and that’s what a beautiful connection is between two people.

If you’re serious about dating, you’ve got to go out on one date a week if you’re.  And you’ve got to be okay with going out with five or six women and maybe not feeling the kiss with any of them—it’s perfectly okay. The more you get in touch with yourself and who you are, you’re going to feel that kiss strongly when you’re with the right girl.

That’s the woman you’ll be kissing.  That’s the woman who you’ll hold hands with.  That’s the one whom you’ll put your arm around—without thinking. That’s when everything will flow.

With me, everything flows when it’s real, when the feelings are mutual. That’s what life is about.  It’s about experiencing mutual feelings at the same time.

So don’t go out there trying to force a connection.

Just be you fully, express yourself, listen, and see if there is anything between you and her…and her and her and her and her—until you find her.

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Happy hunting and merry making out.