When is sex-ting too much? When is it time to go from the dirty emails and dirty phone texting to the bedroom? A lot of people have emailed me after I wrote about sex-ting last week. Some of you have been wondering when you need to go from sex-ting to the real thing.

Too much sex-ting is like too much dry humping…Eventually you want the real thing and you want to get off. I think sex-ting is foreplay. After a couple of days of it to get each other hot (turned on mentally and physically), then you need to meet in person. Otherwise, it just gets old and tired.

There’s a limit to how many dirty emails and text messages you can send out without anything happening. There’s a limit to the amount of masturbation one can do based on a text exchange before it starts to get annoying, and you start to crave the real thing.

So, sex-ting is just foreplay. If you are sending dirty emails and dirty sex messages on your phone and it’s been going on for longer than a few days, it’s time to either meet that person or to move on! Eventually that person or yourself will meet someone else and the sex-ting will stop anyway.

Too many people hide behind technology and are afraid to go out and take a chance. If there’s somebody you’ve been sex-ting that you want to meet, then meet them now before someone else captures their imagination.

By the way, I heard that the new Apple iPhone is a dirty text messenger’s dream.