I got a great email the other day from one of you.

It is all about how bad advice can lead you to a very lonely dating life.

Lets clear up a few things today.

Check out the email and then listen to today’s podcast.

Its time we got rid of our mothers advice and starting listening to what really works.

Hello David,
I first off want to thank you for all of your useful and I must say funny videos. I am sure that you get a lot of emails but it would mean more than you believe if you could help me out. As I just came across your videos on YouTube tonight.

Here it is.I am a 22 year old female and have never ever been approached by a guy. Im sure you must be thinking that I need to work on my confidence and possibly body image but it is not any of those. I am a normal girl however I am pretty shy, and I tend to be very serious when I am in public alone. Don’t get me wrong if someone comes up to start a conversation, I’m more than nice!

Moms Dating Advice

But as my mom always tells me I look too serious and look rather unapproachable, as if I’m not interested in any guy or that I am already with someone. I feel like my attitude my come off as being “bitchy” but that’s not it. I’m a serious girl and I know what I want. But obviously the way that i have been carrying myself has not been working for me 🙂

I especially am serious when I go to the gym, I have my music on and just in my own world. I have tried looking back at guys when they look at me. But I have this thing that if I look, and they look… It kind of cracks me up and I start laughing, I know its weird.. But its just from me being shy. That’s why I always take the serious approach and not look into guys eyes.

I would realllly appreciate ANY advice you can give me. There are a lot of potential guys that I was interested in but things never happened cause of me and me being shy! Especially at the gym!

Thanks a million!!!!!

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