A woman I was chatting to the other day asked me, “David, what turns a man on?”

And it got me thinking. What does REALLY turn a man on? Naked women? Women in knee high boots? Women dressed as nurses?

No, it’s all too obvious.

We’re all different.  I know what turns ME on as a man, but my friends all like different thinks. What one guy finds important in a woman, another guy won’t really care about. I love a very nurturing woman.  I love a woman that smells great.  I love a woman that’s more of a jean and t-shirt girl. I’m not into short little dresses and that kind of thing.

I love women that work out. I love women that have long hair. I like women that are affectionate and love to show it. I described that type of woman to my friend and you know what he said?

“Nah sounds too homely for me. I like an athletic woman. I want someone that will go running with me on a Saturday. I want a woman who likes to compete, and is into the same things as me.”

There’s a theme going on here. Men aren’t all attracted to one type of woman. We all like different things. Some like blondes. Some like red heads. Some like feisty women. Others like submissive women. So trying to fit into one perfect female template so you attract guys isn’t going to work.


There is one thing that turns all men on. There’s something that all men find attractive, and all men want in a partner. Are you ready to find out what it is?

We want to feel like a king!

That’s right. We want to feel honored, respected, and revered. We want to feel like you really need us in your life. Even though you have a great career. Even though you own your own condo. Even though you’re a fantastic chef…

We need to feel NEEDED.

It’s so important to guys to feel needed and desired every single day. It unlocks his inner caveman. It brings out his need to be the protector. As part of that same desire to be needed by you, guys also want to feel like we’re the sexiest guy in the word to you. We want to know we turn you on, and we’re the best lover you ever had.

We want to know how to please you, and how to make you feel safe. And if we’re not doing it right we want you to tell us. If our woman desires us and craves us, emotionally, mentally, and physically, we will report home every single night with stars and banners, and we’ll do anything for you.  That’s the real key to turning a man on. Sure there are specific behaviors or traits guys like/dislike and we’ll talk about them in other posts. But in reality all guys are wired in the same way. We want to be the king. We want to feel like “your man” and that we make your life so much better.

If you’re open, honest, and appreciative of your guy when he’s pleasing you emotionally and physically, he’ll do his best to make sure he gives you the best relationship you’ve ever had.