I’m going to share an email with you today.

It’s an e-mail that irritates me a lot, especially when a guy says the things that this guy said.

I’m going to read it to you, and I’m going to tell you exactly why this guy needs a spanking.


I asked that one girl last month and she said that we will go out and see how it goes, but after that we didn’t meet.. I called her, texted her, but she was like, I’m busy, and shit like that…. And how when I gave her shit, she’s not talking to me at all. I really don’t know what to do, David. I really like her, David….. I really doo. I called her from my phone, she didn’t pick up… I called her from friends phone, she picked up.

. . .

Wow. Are we talking about creepy stalker or what?

First off, your grammar sucks. And this is the one thing that pisses me off. I may not be the best grammatical person in the entire world, but I feel like you should at least attempt, when e-mailing somebody, to form sentences.

Not only that, the e-mail is rude. No, “Dear David, thanks for helping out,” whatever it might be. Not even a “How you doing?”

Just a lesson to anybody in the future that wants to e-mail me—be a little more sweet and maybe you’ll get a quicker response.

“Hey man, how you doing? Do you have time for this answer? Thanks, buddy. You’re a swell guy.”

Anyway, let’s get back into what he said.

First off it’s creepy and it’s stalkerish. You like this girl? You don’t even know her. Once again, another male fantasy in a man’s mind.

A man spots a woman, talks to her for two minutes, and immediately thinks she’s girlfriend material or that he’s in love with her.

It’s just a visual illusion that you have in your head, buddy. You have no idea whether you’d get along with her or not, and—obviously—she thinks you’re creepy.

You texted her, she told you that she was busy, and you should’ve left it alone. But then you called her, and she said she was busy—you definitely should’ve left it alone at this point.

She was trying to be nice. She was basically telling you she wasn’t interested.

What do you need to hear from her? “Fuck off, you’re creepy!”?

She was giving you every signal that she was not interested. She was being as blunt as possible, yet you had the nerve to call her from a friend’s phone.

Buddy, now that is creepy. That’s stalkerish. Calling her from a friend’s phone because you’re obsessed with a woman you don’t even know?

Life is about abundance. If a woman is not interested, just acknowledge the fact that she’s not interested. Be accepting of the fact that she’s not interested, and be okay with the fact that she’s not interested—move on.

Hopefully nobody reading this will repeat this atrocious behavior, and if you have done it, please publicly acknowledge it in the comments section and we will absolve you of yours sins so you can move on in your dating life.


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