become a manWhat does it mean to be a man? Sometimes, to be a powerful man means not to react to things. So much of the time we think being a man means, react. Do something. Take action. What if you’ve got somebody that talks shit about you. Immediately you want to take them out.  You want to beat them up.

You learned that in the schoolyard.  When the bully picked on you, because they wanted to show they could dominate you.  They wanted to prove to everybody they were stronger than you.  But in reality, the reason why they picked on you was because they were weaker than you. A bully is usually somebody that’s a bragger. A bragger is a man that is weak, full of insecurities, full of fear.  So he likes to brag.  He tells you how great he is as much as possible, because he doesn’t really believe it.

He’ll tell you, last night he picked up a woman and she went home with him. Easy. Then you’re sitting with him and a woman looks at you, he will say, “Man that girl is checking me out right now, she wants me.”

But he’s all talk. He will talk about his business successes to your face.  He’ll tell you how great he is.  He needs it, because he is a weak person inside.  He wants people to throw praise on him because deep down he’s insecure.  So he’s constantly seeking validation. I know many people like this, especially in the business I’m in. They feel like they’re getting even with the world. They start to feel good because the geek is now validated. The geek is now a guru. The geek is going to be respected. The geek becomes popular.

The Secret To Becoming Truly Alpha

There’s nothing good in their heart. They are motivated by revenge. The reality is, there’s plenty of money for everybody. There’s plenty of fame. There’s plenty of validation. When someone spends so much time being ostracized, being unpopular, it’s a wonderful feeling for them to finally be popular. They don’t understand to truly be popular is to treat people with kindness. To treat people with dignity. To give others the type of love they did not get.

Watch out for the bully in your life. These people are merely seeking validation.  Usually, the most unpopular kid in the world who becomes popular. But they’ve got nothing to offer because deep down they’re just sad, lonely individuals. What does it mean to be a man? It means you own your power. The next time someone tries to bully you, don’t stoop to their level. They’re just a low life. You are a real man.