What is he thinking?Women email me every day asking the same question, “What is he really thinking?

“We’ve been out on three dates and they all went really well. He’s even kissed me a few times, but all of a sudden he doesn’t return my calls. Have I done something wrong? What’s going on in his head?”

It’s one of the biggest unsolved mysteries for you ladies. What are men really thinking?

I mean, you were getting really close to the guy. You’d started having sex, and he’d really started to open up to you. Then one day he just seemed to become disconnected. There must be something on his mind right?

Well, I can exclusively reveal the answer to this age-old question…

He may not be thinking as much as you think he is!

As a woman, you always have the need to know. You want to know so desperately why that man didn’t call you back. You want to know why you slept with this guy and it didn’t work out.  You always need to know.  The problem is most women never ask the source. You never ask the guy himself.

A lot of women are speculators, and I’m not talking about stock market speculators or gold speculators. You’re emotional speculators. An emotional speculator is somebody who asks their friends what they think. You try and second guess men, and then you ask your friends to give you their opinion, even though they’ve never met the man in question.

Admit it…

How many times have you had a relationship that didn’t work out, and days later you sat around with friends for hours speculating over what went wrong? You talked through theories about how maybe he had someone else, or how he was scared of commitment.   

You got different opinions from different friends, all based on nothing but speculation.  You debated it for two hours, and finally at the end of it you felt a little bit better because one of your friends said something that made complete sense.

In reality nobody at that table knows what the guy is thinking. Past experiences don’t dictate what that individual man was thinking. So the next time a guy blows you off, doesn’t call, or suddenly goes cold, here’s what I want you to do…

I want you to go directly to the source.  I want you to go directly to the guy himself no matter how hard that phone call might be.  I want you to call the guy, or text him if it’s easier.  I want you to ask him why he didn’t call you back. I want you to ask him why after sleeping with you he didn’t bother calling you again. I want you to get the answer from the source, because it’s the only way you’ll really know what he’s thinking. You’ll also learn how to speak up for yourself and develop a better “dating intuition.”

When I date a woman if something comes up that I’m curious about, or something I don’t like, I ask her about it there and then. That way there’s no second guessing, and no speculation. That openness is what creates deeper bonds and connections in a relationship. And you don’t waste your time on guys who were never really into you to begin with.

So let’s put an end to dating speculation NOW. Let’s go right to the source, and find out exactly what men are really thinking!