If you are someone who has trouble with sex then I suggest you stop reading this right now.

Recently a female client of mine was on match.com. This man emailed her, and they decided to IM each other that same night. After a few IM’s, he asked if she had a web cam. You know what’s coming next…

When the web cam popped up on her computer screen, there he was: buck naked and stroking his Johnson!

Men, this doesn’t turn women on!

Pictures of your penis and pictures of you stroking yourself, without the proper mental and verbal foreplay, will make a woman think you’re the caveman from the GEICO Insurance commercials.

In order to relate well to women, you need to understand that they don’t see a naked man and say “Wow! I need to have that right now” without the proper mental foreplay. If you want to meet a woman online and get some quick sex, then you need to understand that writing and IM’ing lots of subliminal messages is what will get her more turned on and increase your chance of some great phone sex and real sex.

She’s seen many boners. She wants to know that the man behind the boner is worth getting to know. So in order to become the intriguing ‘man behind the boner,’ you need to take your time with any type of phone sex, cyber sex or just plain old seduction.