Don’t you love today’s modern culture?

We lie non-stop.

I don’t know about you, but lying, to me, is not sexy. Plus, liars usually need to remember just about everything they lied about, so you can constantly find liars and contradictions 24/7.

I love catching liars. It’s one of my favorite things. It’s almost better than catching fish in a pond during the summertime when I was a kid.

What I’m about tell you is something that’s going to rock your world.

Source: The Daily Beast

Our president, President Donald Trump, the reality TV show star, the billionaire son…

Is the perfect president at the perfect time… because Donald Trump is caught lying on a regular basis.

He’s contradicting himself non-stop.

He’s constantly covering up one lie with another lie. Sure, politicians have been lying their entire life, but I think Trump epitomizes what our culture has turned into on a very, very scary energetic level.

Whenever you get on the Internet, you find liars 24/7. Just research any of these get-rich-quick guys.

Any of these coaches that are out there. There are people that become a coach after a weekend seminar and all of a sudden, they’re a coach and 3 million people are what? Reading their stuff. When in reality, they wish 3 million people were reading their stuff on a regular basis.

Everybody nowadays has an opinion and everybody believes their own shit and their own lies.

There are people out there who will tell you how much money they make in a single day.

There are people who will tell you that if you use their system, you’ll get wealthy and rich, and they give you all these ridiculous numbers and fake testimonials to back it up.

We live in a culture full of lies. Just canvas the Internet and read through some of these ridiculous sales letters.

In the dating industry, you’ve got this guy who’s got a magic touch. You never get to see the guy at all, but he shows you exactly what he does when he seduces a girl

But in reality…

He’s just the Wizard of Oz. You never actually see him at all. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t exist. He’s just some copywriter who wrote some program who developed this program based on lies and everything else.

So the next thing that happened is that he wrote a marketing sales letter and during this marketing sales letter, he pitches you because you want to believe — well, you want to believe that his magical lies can actually turn you into the magician with women that you’ve always wanted.

So what happens, okay, is this little man sits in his room, collects your money, and his customer service reps are in the Philippines, and they give you the refund.

And you never get to meet this person because this person doesn’t exist… because he’s created lies, because that’s the society we live in right now.

Everybody just creates non-stop lies to pretend to be something that they’re truly not. Why? Well, they don’t want to do the work on themselves to actually be the person they truly want to be, so that’s why Donald Trump is our perfect president right now.

Donald Trump is based on lies. Everything he says every single day is basically a lie. How do you know when a liar is lying? Their lips are moving.

And we’ve become that. People post things on Facebook, people try to post things on Instagram that they’re not. Nobody wants to be who they are because everybody wants to be something that they’re not. So we live in a culture right now that is full of liars, full of people who want to believe, and full of people who are becoming suckers every single day.

Welcome to the new America, America the State of Lying.