This is interesting. How many of you live a life about which you are absolutely not passionate?

You go to a job. You date someone to whom you are not attracted. You may not even like your dog. Whatever it may be, how many of you can’t speak about your life with passion?

If you can’t, do you know why you can’t? It is because you are really not in love with who you are.

Passion comes from within. People who speak with passion, speak from power that comes from within themselves. Meaning, they love everything about themselves.

They’ve accepted their insecurities. They’ve accepted their fears. They’ve accepted all these things about themselves, and they have embraced themselves.

Today’s podcast is going to teach you how to speak from a place of true passion and how to live a passionate life. This is a “must listen” to podcast. It’s that important and that big.

I can’t even adequately express in writing what I want to tell all of you. You need to hear me talk about it in today’s podcast. So I’m just going to stop my fingers from typing on the computer right now, and I’m going to give you the link for the podcast so you can listen to it right now.

Click here to listen: