Are you guilty of falling into the trap of over promising? If you are…stop.

Don’t over promise. Many of you over promise every single day.

You over schedule yourself?

You over commit yourself?

You over promise things that you’re going to do for people, right?

In the world of business, I have met many over promisers. They promise the world and deliver a broken down city. Sound familiar?

In relationships, the chief complaint about woman for men is they over promise. The man promised me all these things, he said all these amazing things. And nothing.

We’ll there’s an easy formula, in business and in life. I always judge an over promiser based on their actions. I listen to the magical words and I hear the words and I’m excited that somebody has such beautiful words. But are they falling into the trap of over promising?

And I write down every promise they make me, in business and in relationships. And at the end of 30 days, no matter what I invested — money, time, energy, love, commitment, I look at the list of words that they made promises and then I look at their actions.

And then, I judge them based on what I see.

Let me tell you something, it’s not a pretty sight a lot of the time. A lot of the time you got an over promiser and an under deliverer. It’s not that the person you did business with, or the person that you got involved with, that they didn’t mean well.

Most people over promise and under deliver. It’s because we don’t know how to balance our lives.

We want to make the money, we want to get involved in a relationship. We want to do all these things because it sounds good. At the beginning, it sounds really wonderful.

The problem is, most of us don’t have the time to do all the things that we want to do, so we over promise and we under deliver.

So here’s something that I have in mind for all of you, under promise and over deliver.

Until somebody realistically, based on your past, and based on all your experiences, based on everything you’ve ever experienced in life, will know that what you say, is what you’ll do. That you’ll no longer fall into the trap of over promising.

When you do that.

When you make the shift from over promising and under delivering to under promising and over delivering people, everyone you encounter on the day to day will see a difference.

Because when you can do that, you feel better, whoever you committed to feels better and it’s just a fucking fantastic shift that moves mountains.

And the person is going to hold you in higher esteem.

Anyway, try to do it that way, see what happens, just a short little rant for today.