I’m going to take a totally different spin right now on all the articles that have been written last week’s Super Bowl.

It will literally make you rethink the word “ego.”

And family.

I’ve already written about Tom Brady haters and Bill Belichick haters.

And to tell you the truth, I’m so sick and tired of people hating excellence.

Go ahead and hate excellence when excellence is an asshole.

And even then, you should respect athletic excellence.

Because you’re certainly not excelling at the game they’re excelling at.

You certainly don’t know how difficult and what a challenge it is to excel at a game like football.

What it takes to prepare your body and your mind in order to become excellent at something like that.

So I’ve got to tell you what Belichick, Robert Kraft, and the rest — and Tom Brady, and the rest of the New England Patriots have built, that the NFL can’t understand and seem to copy.

They have built a culture.

They’ve built family.

And they’ve built comradery.

How do you build a family? How do you build a winning culture, and how do you build comradery like that?

The answer is really simple.

You drop the fucking ego.

That’s what you do. You drop the ego.

You might say Tom Brady is an egotistical guy because he got caught inflating footballs, but to me, there is no ego. There’s a healthy ego and an unhealthy ego. That man has a healthy ego because that man puts his teammates first, thanks them first, thanks the owner, thanks the culture of the Patriots.

He won the MVP, and he said James White should have done it. He should have won the MVP. Who’s giving James White the truck that he won?

It’s all about dropping the ego. And that’s what we can learn from the New England Patriots. They can teach you so many more things then just playing football.

You know what they can teach you?

They can teach you how to have a family.

Do you want to know how to have a family?

Drop the ego. You’re not always trying to be right.

You’re not always trying to prove somebody wrong.

They drop the ego. They have become a unit, a family.

It’s amazing to watch them. How they’re concerned about one another, how they grow together. How they speak and communicate together. They are all about family. They’ve created a family called the New England Patriots. They support one another, they have each other’s backs, and when somebody becomes too big and their ego gets too large, they trade that person. They get rid of that person. They tell them that they’re no longer part of the family, no matter how talented they are, no matter how amazing they are, because this is not the culture that we have created.

You can look at the New England Patriots, and you can literally copy their system for your personal life, for your relationships, for your family.

You can literally look at the way Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the rest of the crew on New England, and Robert Kraft created a winning organization. You can use the same blueprint, literally, for you own organization, for you own work, for your own life.

There’s so much to learn from Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Quit the fucking hate and start embracing the magic you’re seeing. Man, so many of you guys who are hating them are missing the biggest lesson ever. It’s called dropping the ego and being bigger than yourself, working together. People want to say the Falcons lost that game, but in reality, the Patriots won it. Sure the Falcons needed one more first down to kill the clock, they needed that field goal. The Patriots still went in and got those two two-point conversions. Their heart, their soul, their belief in each other, literally willed them across the goal line. Family man, it’s everything. Learn from the Patriots. Don’t hate something you can actually learn from.