Woman in chargeI’ve been writing a lot lately about listening, because listening is an important skill. Today, we’re going to talk about taking responsibility. I want you to take responsibility for everything in your life. I want you to look at everything that you do, and take full responsibility. I also want you to add the other skill, listening.  You ever have people tell you a certain thing about you, over and over again? Maybe you have a relationship with somebody, an ex or a business partner, or a friend, your current relationship, and they tell you the same thing over and over again.

Maybe they tell you that you’re a micro-manager. Or they tell you that you don’t listen. Maybe they tell you that you don’t have compassion.  Yet, you constantly think that they’re wrong or crazy. You need to look at things differently. If you’re hearing the same messages over and over again from people, I want you to get out of Defensive Mode. Start listening to what you’re hearing. If somebody’s telling you the same thing over and over again, it’s most likely true.

Do You Know Who You Really Are?

I know it’s hard to hear, but it’s most likely true. The only way you’re going to grow as a person is to listen to criticism. Take full responsibility, instead of defending yourself with your punching bag up.  Taking responsibility is a powerful way of existence. Take full responsibility in everything in your life. Really listen, carefully, to what people are saying. When you start to take full responsibility, your life is going to change immensely. You’re not going to be as perfect as you thought you were. You’re not going to be as right as you thought you were. But, you’re going to go through some powerful growth.

Write down some of the criticisms you’ve heard over the last month or two from the people close to you. Start thinking about what these people really said. Don’t go into defending your defensive mode. Really listen to these criticisms, write them down, and start thinking. Maybe there’s a recurring theme. I want you to look for the reoccurring theme. Start working on powerful shifts and powerful changes in your personality and who you are. People are our greatest teachers.

When people frustrate us the most, you learn the greatest lesson. This person is here to teach you a very valuable lesson. So I want you to start looking at things a little different. I want you to take full responsibility for everything that’s being said towards you, and take a look within yourself.  December is a great month to do this. The end of the year. It’s great to get a firm grasp on who you are and really make the necessary changes and take full responsibility for your actions. It’s a great way to end the year.

It’s ending the year setting an intent to make the changes that are necessary to become a more powerful, enlightened being in 2015.  When others speak to you and you feel like they’re criticizing you, look at them as Santa Claus, bringing a great message to you. A message you probably need to hear.  Watch how much your life is going to grow and change and become even more spectacular in the new year.