How many times when you’re dating do you utter the phrase:

“They are so perfect for me.”

Or maybe it’s this most overused phrase in dating:

“I think I found the one.”

Or maybe it’s this popular phrase:

“I’ve never felt like this before.”

I love all of those—they’re so catchy.

But of all the people that you’ve uttered the phrases to, how many of them are still in your life?

Crazy, isn’t it? People that we thought were ‘the ones’; people that we were head over heels in love with are no longer around.


Did the love fade or was the love ever there at all?

We utter these words because we become under the influence of love.

We want it, we desire it and we need it, but we never understand it.

We date people and that warm feeling is aroused in us. We think it’s love but the only reason we get this feeling is because we’ve been conditioned to feel it.

Ever since we were born we’ve been conditioned to love a certain way.

The problem is, the way we’ve been conditioned to love is not necessarily the way we are energetically aligned to love.

So we tend to have a lot of false attractions.

We attract the wrong type of person, which is why I asked you to look at your past relationships—look at how many times you got it wrong, when not too much time earlier, you were convinced that you had it right.

How would like a way to never utter this phrase again?


Well, one quick way to get rid of those tired old phrases is to create new ones.

Try these:

I met somebody who understands me.

I met somebody who feels me.

I’ve met somebody who is aligned with me as a person.

I met somebody who I can communicate with in every way, shape and form, and they understand me.

I met somebody that makes love to me like I would make love to myself.

I’ve met somebody that really understands my activity needs, can feel my energy and what I need to do, and is able to keep up with me.

Think about being able to experience a relationship like that.