The perfect womanWe’re all looking for love. We all want that one special person in our life that loves and adores us no matter what. We all want someone to experience the world with, someone to share our life with, and someone to hold us when we need reassurance.

The trouble is, some of us also want something else…perfection!

For some guys that could be physical perfection. Some guys won’t date any woman who isn’t a stick thin supermodel. For other guys it could be financial perfection. They’ll only date financially independent women. Other guys want emotional perfection. The moment they sense a woman has some kind of baggage, they run away like scared schoolboys.

The lesson today gentlemen, is that perfection doesn’t exist.

That’s right…

If you spend your life looking for perfection, you’re going to be on your own for a long time. And some guys just don’t get it. They do all the hard work getting themselves an amazing woman, and then blow it when something spooks them.

Let me give you an example…

I know a guy who has himself a great girl. I’m talking top draw. You have attractive, beautiful, and then right at the top of the tree, you have elite. That’s where this guy’s girl is. Amazingly, she’s a beautiful person too. Sure, she has her faults as we all do. She has some family shit to deal with, and a few other things rumbling around in the background. Nothing out the ordinary. Life doesn’t always go smoothly does it?

Not only has the guy done well to net himself a girl like this one, but he’s damn lucky he’s still with her. They had a break up a while back, and while some girls wouldn’t have taken him back, she did. Instead of this guy doing everything he can to support his girl, what happens?

He calls her yesterday and says, “They need to talk.”

Like all women, she goes into a panic. He won’t say what’s wrong, and she’s convinced he’s about to end it with her. They meet and she asks him what’s up.

I don’t know if I can do this anymore.” He says.

Do what?” She asks.

Support you like you need. You just have too much shit going on and I can’t cope.” He explains.

HE can’t cope?

It’s not HIS shit to cope with. He doesn’t have to live it. All he needs to do is step up as the man in the relationship, and support his woman. That’s nothing less than a man should do in this situation. Instead of freaking out and having an emotional wobble, he needs to be there and do what’s right. Relationships are a two way street. You can’t expect someone to be there for you, if you can’t commit to being there for them. That’s just relationship 101 guys. Stop looking for the perfect woman because she doesn’t exist.

Are You Looking For The Perfect Woman?

Even if she’s the most beautiful creature on the planet, she has money, and she’s an amazing person, shit is going to go wrong. That’s just the way life is. If you’re going to run the moment anything goes wrong then you’re going to spend forever spinning your wheels.

It’s time to step up to the mark gentlemen. If you’re lucky enough to have an amazing woman at home, you need to realize the grass isn’t always greener. The next shiny long legged toy you see walking down the street may have an amazing ass, but she also has issues. We all do. It’s life. Stop looking for perfection. You may get pretty damn close to it, but you’ll never find it completely.

Oh, and guys before you start having some kind of fit, this goes for women looking for the perfect guy too!