The Wet Spot By David Wygant

We’ve all been there. You’ve just had incredible sex. You moved all over the bed until you finally settled into one side of the bed for the final curtain call. Unfortunately for you, the side of the bed where the curtain call occurred is where you sleep.

So what do you do? Do you sleep in the wet spot?

The wet spot can get a little itchy and cold at the end of the night. I never understood that . . . It feels all hot and silky, and then somewhere around two in the morning it feels all cold and rashy.

I’m surprised there are no wet spot products on the market right now. I can hear the commercials now: “Do you suffer from wet spot rash? Have you been forced to sleep in too many wet spots? Are you itching during the day and don’t know why? If so, then you are suffering from ‘adult wet spot rash.’ Have no fear! From the makers of Johnson’s Baby Lotion comes Johnson’s Wet Spot Lotion …”

Until there is such a product to deal with wet spot rash, what do you do about the wet spot? Here are five things I’ve done with the wet spot:

1. Throw her shirt on the wet spot.
2. Grab a towel and throw it on the wet spot. It’s like spending the night on the beach.
3. Get up and change the sheets.
4. Have her sleep close to you on your side, and put the dog on the wet spot so neither of you cross over on that boundary.
5. Sleep on the couch, and set the alarm clock for enough time to allow the wet spot to dry. When the alarm goes off, then crawl back into bed.

Look, we’ve all been there . . . and hopefully we’ll all be there tonight because as they say “the bigger the wet spot, the more fun the night is.”

Then there are the nights where there are multiple wet spots. You’ve had sex once, and then she crawls over to your side of the bed and you have sex there.

So now I’m going to open this topic up to all of you. This is sure to be a very interesting conversation today.

What do you do with the wet spot? Do you sleep in it yourself? Do you put your dog over it? Do you make her sleep in it? Some of you are very creative. I can’t wait to hear your tales from the wet spot.
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