When women go out on a date, they’re looking to bond with you. And the number one bonding technique men have is being the “we” guy. The “we” guy is the guy who pays careful attention to everything a woman is saying, and then throws out a very crafty “We should go there” or “We should do that.”

For example, a woman tells you about this great hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant that she just read about in the local paper. The “we” guy is a guy who pays attention to detail. So when he hears this, he will capitalize on it and say “You know what, we need to go there,” thus confirming his interest and setting up a potential second date.

Now this is a great technique to use…when you’re really interested. Don’t misuse the power of being the “we” guy.

If you’re truly interested in a woman, use the “we” guy technique as described above. It will get her to bond with you and subliminally get her to start thinking of the things you and she can do together.

The problem is, a lot of men will misuse the power of the “we” and lead a woman on, thus creating false impressions in her mind. To top it all off, when the impostor “we” guy doesn’t follow through and doesn’t call her again, he creates “we” hostility. Most women will start to wonder why you came on so strong and couldn’t finish.

So here’s what might happen the next time she sees you. She’s out with a super hot friend that you’d love to turn the power of “we” on, but because you have made yourself known as a “we” abuser, you and the hot friend will never become a “we.”

It’s okay to go out on a date and not be sure of somebody. It’s okay to go out on a date, not have any chemistry with a woman, and send her an email saying “Had a great time, but I don’t think the chemistry is there.”

Women crave honesty. If you’re honest and you leave a good taste in her mouth, the next time you see her she won’t run away from you. The idea of dating is to create great positive energy. By being honest with a woman, you can keep that great positive energy with her even though the two of you didn’t connect romantically. So what happens the next time you see her, is that she may introduce you to her social network allowing you to expand your own social circle and possible dating pool.

On the other hand, if you’re the guy who misused the power of “we,” you’ll be looked upon as just another guy who is dishonest. So don’t practice your seduction skills on women you’re not interested in seeing again. Save them for woman with whom you really want to become “we,” regardless of whether “we” is for a weekend, for a night, for a month or for a year. You just don’t want to lead women on, especially if you don’t think you’ll ever want to call them again.

Now granted, sometimes you’re out on a date and everything seems to be going great, so you used the power of “we.” When you get home and do the post-date recap, however, you realize you really don’t connect with that woman. What you need to do, then, is email her or call her. Thank her for a great date, but tell her that you just didn’t feel a romantic chemistry and would like to have her as a friend. It’s about stepping up to the plate and being a man.

If you desire true Major League Baseball All Star Game recognition, you need to make your game something that is honest. Dishonest game will leave bad blood like a Wes Craven horror movie.