Fill in the blanks, dating is…

Dating is exciting.

Dating is questioning.

Dating is flaking.

Dating is ups, downs, highs, lows and all around.

But dating is a necessary evil if you want to meet somebody great. It’s why so many of us have turned to online dating. It’s convenient. There are seemingly endless options. And best of all, there’s no pressure. But online dating has its’ fallbacks as well.  How many times have you been flirting with somebody back and forth and they never call?

How many times have you invested time writing e-mails, and when it’s time for the date, they don’t show up?

Every time you schedule a date they flake. They come up with another excuse. Believe me, in my line of work, I’ve heard them all.  I’ve heard lack of sleep. Kids’ colds. Pulled a muscle in their neck. I have seen every excuse imaginable, and the reason being is that there’s no emotional investment until you physically meet the person.

Even then you can get flaked on. Think about online dating: It’s just a profile, it’s just words, it’s just going back and forth. There’s no emotional attachment or investment. You haven’t met them. You don’t have a sense of their energy until you’re in the same room together. It’s hard to get in the same room these days because everyone is so nervous about giving up a night. This is the real issue. God forbid you give up an hour and a half on a Tuesday. What else are you doing?

Hanging out with your friends again?  You’ve already seen them for the last 25 years. Are you watching TV?  There is such a thing called the DVR. Or are you sitting at home wishing you could meet someone? Giving up yet another night…

It’s amazing how challenging it is just to get somebody on the phone. Recently, I gave somebody my phone number.  She was insistent on it. It took her two weeks to call me. She was busy. She wasn’t busy. The simple truth is she didn’t make the effort. If you’ve got a phone number, if you’re e-mailing back and forth, if you’re interested in him, see him quickly.

The quicker you see him the better it’s going to be. Nothing better is going to come and pop in your inbox. But online dating advertisements try to convince you the love of your life is just a swipe away. You think every time you check your inbox there’s going to be a bigger, better deal waiting for you. There isn’t. Go out. Meet, for a cup of tea, cup of coffee, take a walk in the park. Do something.

Forget whatever other bullshit excuse you can come up with. Instead of wasting time you could have connected with this person. Don’t waste time. You only have so much of it. Go out and date. I guarantee you, in 90 days, your life is going to change. Things are going to be different. You’re going to end up meeting someone, and you’re going to be amazed at how full your life really can be.