1 thing I hate about womenOk, maybe hate is a strong word…

Now, before I carry on, I just want to make it clear that I love you all. That’s right. I love all my lady readers. I think you’re beautiful and amazing creatures. In fact, when I was getting my haircut today I was talking to Warren my haircutter about you. He loves you all too. But I want to share a discussion we had today.

As much as I love you all, you drive me nuts. That’s right. You need to hear it, and you need to hear it directly from me. Something about you drives me crazy. Do you want to know what it is?

It’s that women have this terrible habit of going back to the past. It’s something men don’t really do. When we talk, we’re talking in the present. Once we’ve apologized for something we did in the past, we forget about it like a Golden Retriever. It’s over. We’ve served our time. We’ve moved on.

Women don’t forget it. And you always bring it up. Whenever there’s an argument about something, up it comes. We have to revisit how hurt you still are, why it happened, why it didn’t work, and why you still think about it. It’s a very womanly trait. It’s one of those traits that make men and women so different.  When I move forward in life, I admit my mistakes. I embrace my mistakes. And I learn from them. I’m not perfect. None of us are. The last thing I want to do when we talk is to go over the same rehashed discussions about things that happened years ago, and hear why you’re still wounded by them.

It really is one of the big differences in the way men and women communicate. I love you all to death. I think you’re all fantastic, but I want you to understand men better. We want to move on from any bumps in our relationship. We want to move forward, and we want to know we’re moving forward with our partner. We hate it when you bring up the past, especially after we’ve talked about it. We’ve put it aside. We just ask you to do the same.

I know it’s hard. It’s not the way the female brain is wired. Most of you have unnaturally good memories, and you’re not afraid to use them. It’s funny how differently men and women communicate sometimes, and how the way we process the world can differ. I guess that’s one of the beautiful things about love and connection. It really is the coming together of two worlds.

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